Thursday, November 24, 2011

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Why Is Atheism Controversial?

                    All right, so, as I have mentioned on some previous blogposts, I'm an atheist. Now, if you didn't know, you might gasp, or you might pass it off. Hell, if you're an atheist you'll probably be happy. The problem is that an atheist, for some reason, has to be cautious in the Western world (and the middle east) about revealing his lack of belief, because sometimes you can become an outcast just because of the fact that you're an atheist.

Just saying... ain't that bad.

                    I never complain about religious people professing their beliefs, but whenever I turn down an offer to pray for somebody, saying something like "No thanks man, I don't believe in that", the other person usually gets pretty offended. Many people consider religion to be a private affair, but it's really something public. It affects the way you live. Lack of religion does too, but not in a bad way. 

Chaotic theists.
Chaotic atheist.

                   In fact, religion can affect you so much that you become either a good person who helps society in any way they can, or you can become somebody who goes as far as to distrust science, medicine, etc., halting progress whenever they can. Now, I'm not saying that most religious people are like this. In fact, many are very, very good people, and in the same way that there are bad theists, like Pat Robertson, for example, there are bad atheists like Joseph Stalin. 

Good theist (He even supported science)
Good atheist.

                   Now, the problem is this. There are still places in the world where atheism is a death sentence. Literally. Think about it. Many of you believe that if you reveal your atheism, you'd create a rift between you and your family. It's very annoying when somebody knows you don't believe and tries to threaten you into believing again, whenever they remember about religion.

I am looking to promote equality and prevent things like this.

                   There are places, where atheists are accepted, but this happens usually in either very well developed countries or in areas of youth where the young are willing to learn and reason. For example, in England, the term "Militant Atheist" is actually not well known. Now, those who believe atheism to be controversial, take a moment to see what we're actually doing when we say we don't believe. We're not insulting your god, praising your devil, etc. We're saying we don't believe in any of that. To us, those are just myths. 

Just so you know how well developed I'm talking about, this is prison in the most atheist country in the world.
(Sweden) There's a 46-85% of atheists/agnostics there.

                  Now, you're going to ask me, what about militant atheists like Richard Dawkins? That guy who has no respect for religion because he says it's harmful? Well, my answer would actually be, think about what he's saying. He's a pretty smart guy. I've found prologues he's written for classic books, including The Origin Of Species (He's a biologist). He does have some good points. I think many would agree that a hospital being built instead of a church would do more good. I'm not saying churches are useless. They collect money for organizations and stuff. Still, if we had more hospitals, the death toll would go down. Seriously. If God is supposedly everywhere, then you don't need a church to worship him. 

You can't deny he knows how to argue well.

                  Just remember, I'm not mad at theists for worshipping their own gods. In fact, if you're happy, I'm happy, but please, don't think of atheism as a delicate subject (this goes for hidden atheists too), because it isn't. It's a lack of belief. That's it. No communism, no anarchy, no worshipping Satan (he's a myth for us, remember?), and we're not here to insult you. You try to show us the wonders of religion, we try to show you the wonders of reason, that's it. This post is dedicated to bring harmony between atheists and theists, not to initiate a conflict, so if you will comment, do not insult, do not attack, for this is a debate that should be pacific. Now, rejoice!

Peace, bro.