Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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Why South Park Is Genius...

                   You know, there's a lot of people that can't stand South Park, because they say it's not "politically correct". Well, Matt Stone and Trey Parker don't care of that, and are extremely satirical. If you think that you're the sole victim of insult while you watch the show, you're wrong, everybody gets a bit of shame. That's what satire is, it's a sort of constructive criticism which makes you notice your faults by insulting you. 

You cannot escape your chance of retribution.

                   I remember how Catholics wanted to take the program out because of how they portrayed Jesus. He's seen as a human who isn't able to perform miracles, swears, is sometimes mistreated and has his own talk show. They're not the only ones who's religion is being made fun of. There are a few episodes that got censored because of depictions of Muhammad, the guys were afraid of being bombed so they censored Muhammad's bits. 

Yup, Muhammad dominated fire.

                   There was this certain episode, which I liked a lot, because they portrayed founders of a lot of religions, including Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Joseph Smith, Krishna, Laozi, and Sea Man, a parody of Aquaman whose name was pronounced semen. The show singlehandedly made fun of all those religions (and aquaman, who was really quite useless (and Jews)), so any religion can't really claim that they're the only ones being made fun of. 

The censor bar is Muhammad.

                    Another thing is when celebrities get laughed at. Stone and Parker are great at showing their faults. For example, they mock scientologists, which is a religion a lot of celebrities are getting into. They mock sexuality too, for example, there was an episode where Tom Cruise was stuck in a closet, which symbolized the rumors about his sexuality. 


                    Possibly, the most controversial aspect of the show is whenever they laugh at famous criminal cases, and imitate them on the show. This is used to represent how ridiculous the justice system can get sometimes, and how everything can get out of hand. 

I won't respect your authoritah!

                   So, why do I love this show? Its writers are not afraid of anything, they're not pressured to be politically correct, and this helps them make people realize how they're wrong, and how they can change to be better. They're not afraid of being attacked by religious groups (except for Muslims) and they're not afraid of what celebrities think of them either. For this reason, these guys are officially considered MAJOR BADASSES.

Thank you guys, for all these years...