Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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4chan vs. 9gag Aftermath

                       So, the attacks finished, and 9gag's still standing. Basic functions of the site were taken down by an attack which was planned in just a day, which is impressive, quite frankly. The problem was that Anonymous didn't use their full power, they needed to organize this with more time.

                       A lot of people are wondering who's better. Now, seriously, 4chan wins. Why? The problem with 9gag was that they claimed they created many memes. No memes are created on 9gag, at most one or two. The other problem was that 9gag creators were selling stuff with memes, which is intellectual content that they didn't create, and which also makes them a corporation. The last problem was a poster which got upvoted a lot, which used Anonymous's slogan, with 9gag's name in Anonymous's place. That was the worst part.

You dun goof'd.

                      Guys from 4chan started posting pictures with gore, pornographic content, and stuff like that, without the NSFW tag, which meant that anybody could see them. This made a lot of people be repulsed by the content, and others were even wondering what the hell was going on with people. They tagged the site as a disgusting thing, and frankly, they ain't going back. 

                      The other problem is that most 9gag users are 14-year-olds who do not know how to treat the internet, and they provoked the beast. They didn't know how to handle the situation, which led to a lot of them being, as is put by /b/rothers, butthurt. The issue wasn't that 4chan was jealous of 9gag, the issue was that 9gag users provoked them, and, of course, they have to know their place. The final boss of the internet is 4chan, and if 9gag keeps provoking them, they're just asking for more.