Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Can Men And Women Be "Just Friends"?

                     So I was watching this video (which is actually posted here) so I knew I had to write about this.

                     Ah, the friend zone. It's a funny thing, how many men can take interest in a girl after a lot of time knowing her. This, in many cases, is inevitable, and the guys fall head over heels for the girl. When they finally confess their feelings (most don't want to ruin the friendship so they take longer), the girl says one of the frases which has demoralized men the most in modern times:

I think it would be better if we were just friends. 

Yeah, and 10 thousand monkeys are gonna fly outta my butt.

                     What does this imply for the guy? Let's call him Bro. Bro knows that he's been there for the girl a long time, he gave her a shoulder to cry on, he showed her he appreciated her in many ways, and, of course, made a great friendship with the girl. When Bro finally gets the nerve to ask the girl out, he gets the answer: Let's stay friends. Now, for a girl, it's very easy to be "just friends". She likes Bro, but not in that way, and will not want to lose such a valuable person in her life, instead choosing to keep him there so he can keep supporting her, while Bro puts up with her dating other people. 

That's basically what happens.

                     Now, many men have suffered this like bro, and every guy in the world knows that being "just friends" isn't cool with them. They don't want to tell this to the girl because, duh, they like the girl, but, trust me, it sucks for the guy. The guy has to put up with a lot already, and if he cares for a girl, well, he's going to go through some tough times. Now, I could sit here and blabber about the friendzone, or you could simply watch this video which will explain what I mean...

                        So, girls, "just friends" can't happen. Either you let the guy go, or act upon the fact that the dude likes you. He wants an answer, trust me. It's for his good. Like the guy in the video said, it's a one-sided friendship. 

The metaphor? Get some shrooms.