Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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How To: Get Out Of A Rut

                         Sometimes in life, you'll be moving forward, progressing, and then you can get scared of what could happen in the future. Sometimes, you get so scared you decide to prevent yourself from getting there. Why? It can be extra responsibility, you'll have less time to yourself, etc. 

Which is what this guy used to think.

                         This is called being stuck in a rut. And trust me, it sucks. There's people who, all of their life, were going to be somebody, and they got stuck in a rut and never gut out. These are called losers. You don't want to be a loser. You want to be awesome. So remember that, you want it, you need to be awesome. Motivation is something that eventually wears out, so that's why you have to motivate yourself daily. It also helps if you have somebody there, a friend, family member, etc. that can motivate you. 

It's a lot better if Mila Kunis is there to help.

                         Now that you're ready to do stuff, figure out what you need. Do you need to make connections? Apply for something? Whatever it is, identify it, and do that. Once you do that, you'll have more stuff to do. These things are what you're going to be responsible of, and that's what you're going to use to get to a goal. 

Remember... SMART.

                         The most important thing is to have a goal. Let's say grades. You suck at school so much you dropped out. You don't help at home and spend your day just swimming in a pile of your own shit (ok, maybe it's not that harsh). The point is, your situation sucks. Then you need an objective. The first one would be to enroll again. Once you're in school, you work harder, study more, etc. to get higher grades. See what I'm getting at? One thing leads to another, and that is the only way you're going to get out of a rut. No adventure's going to come knock at your door, you have to get to the outside world and find one for yourself. At least that's better than being a loser, huh?

Unless you're Beck.