Thursday, December 1, 2011

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How To: Get Rid Of Stress

                    First of all, what is stress? Stress is a reaction of the body to pressure, be it from work, children, etc. It can be helpful and help you get shit done, or it can get you done into shit. A bit of stress is good for everybody, it keeps you on your toes, but overdo it, and you end up with a lot of symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, poor judgement, etc. It's basically like doing drugs and alcohol at the same time. Right now, the holiday season's coming, everybody's in final exams, and a lot is going on, so, how can you get rid of stress?

Judy, stop right there. Judy. Jude! Listen to me, you've already eaten your laptop, leave mine alone!

                    You have to know what's causing your stress. Is it a major life change? You can get stressed out by things that have never happened to you. Let's say a family member died, your parents are going through a divorce, or you're going through some rough spots economically. Now, other stuff can affect your stress. You could be an optimist or a pessimist, sensible, bipolar, I don't know. Everybody has his/her own cause. 

This, of course, gets you down. 

                    The first thing you need is motivation. Stress will give you aches, you won't be able to sleep, you'll become uglier to look at, pale, and even fat. So, your goal will be for that not to happen. I don't want you becoming paranoid, what I mean is that you should relax. Learn to administer your time. What's normal is 8 hours of work, and the rest is for leisure. Some people work more, they have to manage their time according to their needs. The key is not to think about it much. If you're busy, get working, but don't overdo it. It's for your own good. 

Smile like Joe!

                     If you're already too stressed out, there are some things that can still help you. You can get massages, go to therapy, have a few beers, I don't know. You could even have sex every day if you want to (with your special other, of course, I don't want anybody getting all dirty out there), it should help. You could also eat a bit of chocolate, but don't go overboard, because your stress will make you want more and you'll get fat, quickly (not to mention cholesterol, ugh). 

That's only temporary. 

                   The thing is just to relax. Don't take it all personal, don't get offended with everything, just, kick back, let loose, and be happy. Trust me, you have plenty of time. Everybody's time comes, but yours doesn't today, and if you keep working as if it does, well, then it will come sooner. So, yeah, in the end it pays off to relax. 

See? Yogi's got a good idea of what I mean.