Thursday, December 1, 2011

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My Thoughts On: Racism

                    Guys, I'm just going to say it. Racism sucks. I recently got the news about this Englishwoman who started insulting everybody in a tram, saying that Britain isn't Britain anymore because of all the minorities. Seriously? There's already a number of people who responded to her video, some supporting her, some condemning her, and the lady's already been arrested, and won't be released because she's already recieved death threats. 

You English devil, you.

                    Seriously, racism hurts people. You can be colored, caucasian, asian, middle eastern, hispanic, whatever, everybody's made equal. Why? Every man has the same right to every opportunity there is. Of course, some are richer, some are poorer, but that's not the point. The point is, nobody has the right to undermine another human being, no matter color, ethnicity, or social status. 

That right there, beautiful, man.
                    I mean , it gets out of hand. In places with many immigrants, gangs start to form depending on race, and they fight gangs of other races. I mean, seriously, that's not a valid reason. There's not even a valid reason to fight another, let alone what you look like. Imagine how the world would be if all of that was ignored. Slavery would have never happened (at least in terms of racial supremacy).

Although there would have been no challenge for him to rise to.

                    Now, the woman in this video was with her child, imagine what the kid thought, and she was complaining about the tram being full of minorities. She was saying Britain wasn't Britain anymore because of the people. The funny thing is that even people with British descent weren't agreeing with her. The lady wouldn't shut up, F-bombs were bombed, and damn it, imagine how traumatizing that was for the child. The poor kid has to endure a crazy mother. 

What could go on in the head of the kid?

                    This teaches us all a lesson. Racism is something ugly. Yes, there's double standards where racism coming from white people seems to be worse, but come on, man! The woman is straight out insulting anybody out there who isn't British, and any British that's been there for generations. The turmoil it caused, man, horrible. And now the woman probably ruined her life, and I don't know about the dad, but if he's not an option, the kid will probably have to be fostered. 

Better than living with a crazy bitch, though.

                    What I'm trying to say is, avoid racism at all costs. In the brief period I lived in Phoenix, AZ, (about ten years ago), I interacted for the first time with people of other races (I'm Mexican), and we learned to have peace and harmony amongst us. Why? We're all citizens of the world, all of us equal, and tranquility among the races is the only way the world will progress. I still have contacts all over the world, it's very fun, actually. Now, racism is way lower right now than it was, say, forty years ago, but if we work hard at it, we can eliminate it completely. Coexist, guys!