Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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Operation: 9gag?

                  So, 9gag and 4chan, specifically /b/, are having an all-out war on 9gag. The guys from /b/ are posting gross pictures with unnamable content, and upvoting it so it gets at least to trending. Well, who should you support? 9gag or 4chan?

                  Unfortunately for 9gaggers, wherever 4chan is, Anon is, and this is a battle that will most likely be won by Anon. I mean, seriously, 9gag claims to be the birthplace of memes and such, while the people there are mere posters. The memes are born on reddit, tumblr pages, or, where most are born, 4chan. Also, the 9gag store sells things with memes on this. Hot Topic was attacked by Anon for doing the same, so, unfortunately, their attention shall be put on 9gag for now.

This belongs to Anon, not to 9gag.

                   Tomorrow shall be the real attack. 9gag's already been taking defensive measures, but when you're dealing with /b/, you're in for a hell of a lot of trouble, so, 9gaggers, I'd say be ready to say goodbye to 9gag, just in case. 
Time to see what happens.