Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Anonymous Did It Again!

                        So, today I heard about Megaupload, and how it got hit down. Then, I cried in the bathroom for a couple of hours. After that, I heard that Anonymous attacked and hit hard DOJ, Universal Music, MPAA and RIA. It turned out that Megavideo and some sites with adult content were also taken down (Way to go, you bastards!), so, there was a lot of reason for Anon to attack those sites. 

Do not fuck with the internet, or you will deal with these guys.
                        After finishing, Anonops posted on Twitter "One thing is certain: EXPECT US!", as a small victory cheer. The U.S. Copyright Office was taken down as well. Anonnews also downed Anonnews, after taking down the Copyright Office, also wrote: "Get some popcorn, it's going to be a long, lulzy night." This is the largest operation that Anon has ever undertaken, with 5,635 (a shitload of) computers running the attack. One of the prominent hackers of Anon, Sabu, wrote: 

 "Support [The Pirate Bay], Torrents, Magnets, Megaupload and its alternatives. Support file-sharing. Legal or not, it is our right. The entertainment industries will see that they can not simply censor us for the basis of profit." 

It's not ethical to take away rights...