Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Miss Juanina

                    Sadly, today, we recently got the news that a teacher we all knew and loved, Miss Juanina, passed away after suffering from some health complications. The least I could do for her was write a small tribute to all the wonderful things she has done. She was known as one of the more benevolent teachers. Every time you saw her, she had a smile on her face. She always had a positive attitude. 

                    She was a loving mother, great teacher, and a model citizen. She would always help those who needed it. She always brightened your day, and she always made you feel loved, no matter what. She would always call everyone "bebe", and was a fan of Mickey Mouse. Her only daughter, Miss Wawa, is an excellent teacher and it's because she learned everything from her mother. She worked for so many years at the school, my mother and uncle remember her as one of the best teachers ever. My family and I feel so greatful to have known her and have had her in our lives.

Rest in peace, Miss Juanina.