Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Movie Review: Se7en

                      I got to watching this film, which had been recommened to me a lot of times (I am a fan of mythology surrounding the seven deadly sins), so when I watched it, my mind was totally fucking blown! If you're easily disturbed, then, sure as shit, don't watch it! We don't need weak people watching stuff like this. 

Go on. Eat your ice cream, you chronically depressed woman...

                      Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt star in what could at first be a slapstick buddy cop comedy, but then, things start to get weird. They find a series of murders connected to the seven deadly sins, and while they try to investigate it, they find no leads about who the hell the villian could be. After that, shit starts to get weird, and I won't say much, but damn it, you're going to love the hell out of that movie. Seriously, you'll sleep with it so hard it could get pregnant. Don't worry, I'm joking. Movies don't have kids. 

They get shitty sequels.
                       If you're into the seven sins and hell and all those weird religious concepts that are so interestingly dark, then, well, you've got yourself a black jewel of a movie right here, so go to your nearest Blockbuster (or wherever you kids go to now) and get yourself a copy of this film. Seriously, go! Now! 

What are you waiting for, man?