Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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Sorry, I Tripped

                    So, remember the cruise ship that crashed near the coast in Italy? The one where the captain didn't stay until the last passenger was out? The fucker gave an excuse. "I had no intention of escaping. I was helping some passengers put the life boat to sea. At a certain point the mechanism for lowering it, blocked. We had to force it. Suddenly, the system un blocked itself and I tripped and found myself inside the lifeboat with a number of passengers." YEAH... and 10,000 monkeys will fly out of my butt.

                    Francesco Schettino, you damned 52-year old ex-sailor, how the hell can you think up of such a stupid excuse? Seriously, you created the failboat 2.0! You seriously, seriously dun goof'd. Dumbass. I'd give you a next time tip, but I think that with you there won't be a next time. Fucker.