Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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A World With SOPA

                      So, SOPA's a less than a week away of getting either approved or disapproved. The world's hoping that it won't happen, but the government's going to extreme measures to increase Internet censorship to an extreme extent, basically saving companies hundreds of dollars for pirated work. The problem with this is that the Internet will just become a portal for watching and listening to multimedia, instead of being the world's workshop and proving grounds for original ideas, where people like Cyanide and Hapiness, Freddie Wong, countless bloggers and writers showcase their ideas and content. The result will be an empty shell with nothing but T.V. shows and shit. 

Any site with anything like a small embedded picture (like this) or video, BAM!
                      A lot of websites blacked out their pages in protest of SOPA, showcasing what could happen if the extreme censorship (censorshit?) law passes. Wikipedia's out, Reddit's out, Wordpress users are blocking their sites, and basically, the Internet is showing what happens if the bill is approved. THE WORLD WILL SUCK, PEOPLE! So, if you're part of the Congress, and you're reading this, don't pass SOPA, damn it! Many people sue just for the sake of sueing, so damn it, don't listen to those god-damned entertainment owners, they're really going out of their way, so don't you do it too. 

Listen to the sign, damn it!

                                So, it turns out that the White House is against the SOPA bill, which means that it will most probably be canceled, so, motherfucking awesome. I love you Obama!