Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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How To: Handle Stress

                    All right, so we're already doing partial exams (there are three then finals) and they've been giving us a shitload of projects and it's TOO MUCH IT'S TOO FUCKING MUCH! I've already uploaded a post about stress, but I DON'T FUCKING CARE! So, to all my friends out there, you're going to need this. If you can't deal with your stress, you're going to break harder than the Wall of Berlin, so you better pay some damn attention.

                    First of all, if you're going through a lot, try to organize your time. You have to recognize the fact that you have no time for fun and games these days, so you're going to get to work. If you have teamwork, leave the communication platforms open, but pay no attention to them. Close the sites you're watching for fun like Cracked, 4chan, Reddit, Tumblr, or whatever you do on the internet. 

-Close 4chan?
-Yes, fucker, you close 4chan!
                    Now, if your project or what you were assigned to study is too fucking long, try to separate it in parts, with some small, 10-minute rests for every hour you work. Unless, of course,  you're used to not having breaks, which makes you a lot fucking faster (yes, fucking is an adjective for me). 

Now, shut the fuck up and listen!
                    While this reduces your stress, it won't eliminate it. If you're going to be locked in your room all day, know what you need. You need music. I don't care if it's classical, heavy metal, or even pop. If it relaxes you, listen to it. Also, if you don't get dizzy easily, you can light an incense which helps you relax a bit. Chewing gum also helps. You're going to have to move a bit after a lot of stress, so when you're resting, stretch a bit. Motivators don't really help that much. They're just there, and in fact reading something a lot of times can stress you, so it's not really something I would suggest. 

Here's a motivator to know what happens if you FUCKING HAVE MOTIVATIONAL POSTERS AROUND.
                      Now, good luck with partials, projects and shit. This is all I could post because I'm actually out of time right now, and I'll try to keep posting here whenever I can (although it's very, very hard). Keep working hard and build your future or some shit like that. Oh, and don't overstress yourselves. You'll get gas. 

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