Monday, February 20, 2012

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Kurt Cobain

                  All right, so today would be the birthday of ex-grunge rocker Kurt Cobain. It's already been about 18 years since his death.With his death, grunge slowly died out and it paved the way for post-grunge. So he's made a few bad decisions in life AHEM! Courtney Love, anyone?

                  So, today, he would be 45 years old. He was a troubled man. He always felt that his artistic message was misinterpreted by the public (which of course, it usually was). When journalists and people tried to interpret his songs, he'd get mad, for he felt that the music came first, lyrics second. 

And then the weed.

                 Cobain was a drug user since he was 13 years old. He also had bronchitis, which gave him problems, but also could have given him his awesome voice. He then became addicted to heroine, and this had created a bit of complications during the Nevermind tour. 

                  One of Cobain's happiest moments must have been knowing he was going to be a father. He had his daughter with Love, Frances Bean Cobain. In the beginning, she was given by court order to Courtney's sister, but she was given back to the couple later. 

                 Kurt had already attempted suicide a few times, without success. He was seen in various places in Seattle, but then disappeared all of a sudden. He was searched for, without success. After a while, an electrician who was going to install an alarm system found him. That must have been a gross sight. Kobain commited suicide with a shotgun. He wrote a suicide note to his imaginary friend, "Boddah", which explained how he was fed up with life. 

He was very influenced by Buddhism.
                 On his vigil at Seattle Center, where over 7,000 people attended, recorded messages by Kris Novoselic and Love were played. There, the bitch known as Love told everybody to tell Kobain a big "Fuck You". In no context is that good, at all. 

                 Still, after all that went through, Kobain was still the voiceman of the Generation X, and without him, a lot of music would be very, very different. Now, he wasn't very technical, and Nirvana sucked live, but still, their music was good, and Kobain will definitely be missed.