Friday, February 24, 2012

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Movie Review: Spirited Away

                       This movie, for those of you that haven't watched it yet, is something else. It's a whole new level of moviemaking. Those of you who have watched it already, you know, as well as I do, that the film can really impact you on a way it's hard to express. 

                       Spirited Away is about a girl named Chihiro who has to move houses. While on the road, her father gets lost and they wind up in an abandoned town. Once the night arrives, weird things start happening, and before you know it, Chiriro makes a bet which could cost her own name and soul. That's mostly what I can say without spoiling it. 

This is a big part of the story, and you'll understand this as soon as you watch the movie.
                       The movie's awesome because of, well, everything. The characters are colorful, and feel real. There's a bit of everything. There are spirits and mortal beings alike. The witch Yababa makes for an excellent villain. Kaonashi (No-Face) is an excellent character, you'll be able to recognize him quickly. 

This guy right here, my favorite character from the film.
                     The designs are awesome, especially the variety of color in the film. The themes are great, which include references to Alice in Wonderland, and there's also the coming of age, which is a sort of metaphor for the Japanese Society, which is more and more drifting away from their traditional values.

And weird spider-men that look like Doctor Egg.
                       There's also the music, mostly composed by Joe Hisaishi. It's very beautiful and complements the film perfectly. It's good enough to bring you to tears (Not that I did *sniff* big boys don't cry). It's both soothing and keeps you attentive to what's going on. 

This guy's music is the shit.
                       Well, that's mostly what I can say about the movie, so if you haven't watched it, then go look for it, and if you have, watch it again. You know you want to. If you watch it and know somebody who would like the film, tell them to read this, or to get it. It's really worth it. 

Seriously. You'll adore it.