Thursday, March 8, 2012

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                      Well, today's Women's Day, and they do deserve a special celebration. Throughout hisory, they have been cleaning up after us men, and without them, we wouldn't have really done much. I mean, if getting rich wouldn't get you women, then why get rich? I kid, I kid, but a world without women wouldn't be the same. A lot of its beauty would be entirely gone. So, I have decided to get a lot of quotes together like on other special occations, all of them speaking truths about what we think of women. Enjoy.

If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving an infant's life, she will choose to save the infant's life without even considering if there are men on base.  ~Dave Barry

Women like silent men.  They think they're listening.  ~Marcel Achard

Sure God created man before woman.  But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece.  ~Author Unknown

A woman can say more in a sigh than a man can say in a sermon.  ~Arnold Haultain

Women are always beautiful.  ~Ville Valo

Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good.  Luckily, this is not difficult.  ~Charlotte Whitton

Women get the last word in every argument.  Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.  ~Author Unknown

A pessimist is a man who thinks all women are bad.  An optimist is a man who hopes they are.  ~Chauncey Mitchell Depew

Next to the wound, what women make best is the bandage.  ~Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly

A man's face is his autobiography.  A woman's face is her work of fiction.  ~Oscar Wilde

Whether they give or refuse, it delights women just the same to have been asked.  ~Ovid

Ah, women.  They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.  ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Every woman is wrong until she cries, and then she is right - instantly.  ~Sam Slick (Thomas Chandler Haliburton)

The torment that so many young women know, bound hand and foot by love and motherhood, without having forgotten their former dreams.  ~Simone de Beauvoir

Be to her virtues very kind,

Be to her faults a little blind. ~Matthew Prior

They may talk of a comet, or a burning mountain, or some such bagatelle; but to me a modest woman, dressed out in all her finery, is the most tremendous object of the whole creation.  ~Oliver Goldsmith

If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.  ~Aristotle Onassis

Men will always delight in a woman whose voice is lined with velvet.  ~Brendan Francis

Women dress alike all over the world: they dress to be annoying to other women.  ~Elsa Schiaparelli

Woman begins by resisting a man's advances and ends by blocking his retreat.  ~Oscar Wilde

She wore a short skirt and a tight sweater and her figure described a set of parabolas that could cause cardiac arrest in a yak.  ~Woody Allen

It is only rarely that one can see in a little boy the promise of a man, but one can almost always see in a little girl the threat of a woman.  ~Alexandre Dumas

A woman should soften but not weaken a man.  ~Sigmund Freud

No woman will ever be satisfied because no man will ever have a chocolate penis that shoots out money.  ~Author Unknown

The girls that are always easy on the eyes are never easy on the heart.  ~Author Unknown

A man gives many question marks, however, a woman is a whole mystery.  ~Diana Stürm

The chief excitement in a woman's life is spotting women who are fatter than she is.  ~Helen Rowland

I would rather trust a woman's instinct than a man's reason.  ~Stanley Baldwin

And verily, a woman need know but one man well, in order to understand all men; whereas a man may know all women and understand not one of them.  ~Helen Rowland

There are three ways to spread news:  telegram, television, and tellawoman.  ~Author Unknown

After about 20 years of marriage, I'm finally starting to scratch the surface of that one.  And I think the answer lies somewhere between conversation and chocolate.  ~Mel Gibson

I'm not against half naked girls - not as often as I'd like to be.  ~Benny Hill

You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests that you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment.  ~Dave Barry, "Things That It Took Me 50 Years to Learn"

The supply of good women far exceeds that of the men who deserve them.  ~Robert Graves

There are three things men can do with women:  love them, suffer for them, or turn them into literature.  ~Stephen Stills

Behind every great woman is a guy looking at her ass.  ~Author Unknown

A husband only worries about a particular Other Man; a wife distrusts her whole species.

A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful.  ~Karl Kraus

A man chases a woman until she catches him.  ~American Proverb

Beauty is the first present Nature gives to women, and the first it takes away.  ~Méré

Once a woman has given you her heart, you can never get rid of the rest of her.  ~John Vanbrugh

Through sources, we have obtained the following alien assessment of the human species:  The male wants to be valued for what he pretends to be.  The female wants to be overvalued for what she truly is.  ~Robert Brault

Women speak two languages - one of which is verbal.  ~William Shakespeare

Women are wiser than men because they know less and understand more.  ~James Thurber

I hate women because they always know where things are.  ~Voltaire

Women always worry about the things that men forget; men always worry about the things women remember.  ~Author Unknown

No matter how happily a woman may be married, it always pleases her to discover that there is a nice man who wishes that she were not.  ~H.L. Mencken (Well shit.)

You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her.

Women are necessary evils.

The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is “What does a woman want?” - Sigmund Freud

All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. - Oscar Wilde (This fucker seriously knew women).

I'm supposed to have a Ph.D. on the subject of women. But the truth is I've flunked more often than not. I'm very fond of women; I admire them. But, like all men, I don't understand them. - Frank Sinatra

                            Well, that's all the quotes we're looking at for today, I don't want this to be grueling for you. Now, happy Women's Day, and know that without you, we would be fuck-all fatsos with cheeto's dust that never get out of our rooms. That is, if we could have made it here in the first place. I think that we'd died from scurvy some milennia ago. Know that we love you and despise you at the same time (we fear what we can't understand), and we will always take care of you, no matter how many jackasses are out there trying to hurt you. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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Joseph Kony

                        So, this fucker, Kony, I just heard of him. Kony is a Ugandan guerrilla group leader looking to establish a government based on the Ten Commandments in Uganda. He's the one with the famous Ugandan children soldiers we've heard about in the news for some few decades. He's officialy recruited more than 66,000 children and has moved 2,000,000 people from their homes since the rebellion began in 1986. 

                        Kony was born in Gulu, Uganda, to a couple of farmers. He was apprenticed as the village witch doctor, and dropped out of high school when his brother died. His organization was first named the UHSA (United Holy Salvation Army), and it is actually estimated that he's recruited more than 100,000 kids, compared to the official number. 

                       Warrants have now been issued for five members of the LRA for crimes against humanity, including Kony. One of the leaders has been killed by the Ugandan Army. Kony has 33 charges, including murder, enslavement, and rape. The girls he's been making slaves are rewards for his commanders should they succeed in their missions.  

                        For 26 years, Joseph Kony has abducted children, turning girls into sex slaves and child soldiers. He makes them commit horrible crimes like mutilation and killing their own families. Kony is not supported by anyone, but suddenly gained power and started attacking the Ugandan government. He has been spreading terror along Uganda, and an organization was started to help the people, by giving them warning radio stations, etc. 

                        We don't want another Hitler, another Stalin, another Pol Pot, any horrible dictator you can think of. They all have something in common. Nobody did anything about it. The dream is to see Kony arrested before his numbers can go to the millions. Kony's name has to be in the spotlight. He has to be influential, like Osama Bin Laden. People from around the world are helping out however they can to help the African families in the midst of the war. We're not going to let Joseph remain invisible, so if you read this, click the share button, or the tweet button. Post this link everywhere you can. The video i'm posting below should be posted also. See it, and it will all be explained better. If the people keep demanding for Kony's arrest, then people will actually do something about it. 

    Our efforts will culminate April 20, 2012. Share this blogpost.

Friday, March 2, 2012

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"The Singularity": Is It Possible?

                       The singularity, also known as the technological singularity, is a hypothetical event in the future in which technological progress will start going up at a vertical rate. This is usually linked with another event called the "Intelligence Explosion" event, in which AIs start to improve recursively and become superintelligent beings. Computing has been growing exponentially, and so, it is predicted that we will reach a point in which the exponent is too high, resulting in a huge ascent in a graph. 

                        In theory, if we continue on this growth in computing, we will reach "some essential singularity in the history of the race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue." This means that at some point, machines will go to understaing things beyond what affect us, and we will not be able to comprehend what is going on. This would result in an Intelligence Explosion, in which machines will be able to improve themselves over and over. According to John Good, who said this in 1965: 

"Let an ultraintelligent machine be defined as a machine that can far surpass all the intellectual activities of any man however clever. Since the design of machines is one of these intellectual activities, an ultra-intelligent machine could design even better machines; there would then unquestionably be an “intelligence explosion,” and the intelligence of man would be left far behind."

                         Basically, we would make machine the superior being. Right now, there are many sites devoted to the topic, including one which used to be a subtopic on Reddit but then was registered as a domain for the Gawker Science Blog. Here, things like longetivity, transhumanism and robotics are discussed. The singularity could achieve breakthroughs in things like nanotechnology and genetic engineering. 

                          But are there risks for a singularity to exist? Yes. Humans will most likely be used as labor force, as intelligent humans are no longer needed. If this happens, there will also probably be a war between man and machine, much like Terminator, and they can create robots specialized for destruction. Machines could simply release a huge radiation wave and wipe all sentient life off the planet. Who knows. 
Not that I'm implying anything.
                          The thing is that, the same way computers have gotten more and more powerful, all technology will keep evolving in the same fashion. And when it reaches an extreme height, everything will be unpredictable. The economy could start doubling at an incredible rate, maybe even quarterly. Also, for existentialists, there will be a slight problem. The AI will not love us, nor hate us. But we have atoms, which could be used for something else. Basically, that makes us raw material. 

                          There is a cause, though, which is dedicated to making a friendly AI. This AI should be the first one, so that he may prevent other AIs to be a problem to mankind. The problem is that it's easier to make an unfriendly AI. Still, Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics should prevent problems from ocurring. 

1: A robot may not harm a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to be harmed. 
2: A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3: A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with either the First or Second Laws. 

                          Now, a lot of people criticize this theory, because they don't believe that an oncoming singularity is possible. Some say that since economy can be done by an intelligence inferior to the Singularity, and this would cause massive unemployment, nobody would want to invest in an AI which would rid humanity of its work. Still, if the Singularity actually occurs, then we have to be ready for anything, because nothing will be predictable from that point on. 
Unpredictable is not in my vocabulary.