Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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Joseph Kony

                        So, this fucker, Kony, I just heard of him. Kony is a Ugandan guerrilla group leader looking to establish a government based on the Ten Commandments in Uganda. He's the one with the famous Ugandan children soldiers we've heard about in the news for some few decades. He's officialy recruited more than 66,000 children and has moved 2,000,000 people from their homes since the rebellion began in 1986. 

                        Kony was born in Gulu, Uganda, to a couple of farmers. He was apprenticed as the village witch doctor, and dropped out of high school when his brother died. His organization was first named the UHSA (United Holy Salvation Army), and it is actually estimated that he's recruited more than 100,000 kids, compared to the official number. 

                       Warrants have now been issued for five members of the LRA for crimes against humanity, including Kony. One of the leaders has been killed by the Ugandan Army. Kony has 33 charges, including murder, enslavement, and rape. The girls he's been making slaves are rewards for his commanders should they succeed in their missions.  

                        For 26 years, Joseph Kony has abducted children, turning girls into sex slaves and child soldiers. He makes them commit horrible crimes like mutilation and killing their own families. Kony is not supported by anyone, but suddenly gained power and started attacking the Ugandan government. He has been spreading terror along Uganda, and an organization was started to help the people, by giving them warning radio stations, etc. 

                        We don't want another Hitler, another Stalin, another Pol Pot, any horrible dictator you can think of. They all have something in common. Nobody did anything about it. The dream is to see Kony arrested before his numbers can go to the millions. Kony's name has to be in the spotlight. He has to be influential, like Osama Bin Laden. People from around the world are helping out however they can to help the African families in the midst of the war. We're not going to let Joseph remain invisible, so if you read this, click the share button, or the tweet button. Post this link everywhere you can. The video i'm posting below should be posted also. See it, and it will all be explained better. If the people keep demanding for Kony's arrest, then people will actually do something about it. 

    Our efforts will culminate April 20, 2012. Share this blogpost.