Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Are we on the brink of war?

                   This has been my first post in a while, so first of all, sorry about that. Now that we've got that out of the way, there have been rumors that North Korea is planning a missile launch. What would this mean? This would mean that Kim Jung Un violates an agreement to halt nuclear missile test and other things in exchange of 240,000 tons of food aid. 

But missiles, man! Fucking worth it!
                   Still, regional tension has been arising and countries around North Korea are taking measures to protect themselves already. China and Russia, both from the few of the allies that the screwed up country has are opposing the launch. Also, South Korean intelligence reports that they're possibly going to do another nuclear test, which, of course, will also cause an explosion of revolts worldwide. If the ICBM can be launched thousands of miles away, they're implying that they can send a nuclear missile far as well. The agreement of the 204,000 tons has already been revoked, and Obama is threatening a complete cut-off as well. That would mean that we would have another Cuba, basically, but without the gambling. 

And who doesn't love gambling?
                    Basically, what we've got here is that in one of these next few days, the missile would be launched. An atomic bomb will probably be tested, and it's said it's a uranium device, which would mean that they have a basic uranium facility, too. The North Koreans say they're sending a satellite to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Kim Il Sung's birth, but officials fear a rocket is attached. 

Keep telling that to yourself...
                    So, what do you think? A war be possible? The launch is most likely to happen on Thursday, and if it happens, we will be sure that the U.S. will reciprocate, and when the U.S. gets mad, the beast comes out. So basically, Kim Jong Un goes with this, he's screwed. 

Oh god...