Monday, April 23, 2012

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International Book Day

                         Today's a beautiful day. The International Book Day. I want to dedicate this blogpost to my favorite books, as they have completely impacted my life, and many others' lives. They're not going to be in any order, so ther can be grotesque changes from book to book. 

The Cat In The Hat

                 This is a good starter. It's a simple book, albeit fun. It shows you the wonders of rhyming, and it's a great book for kids. A new classic, if you think about it. The staple of Dr. Suess, the book's been an incentive for many to read and write. 

Yeah, I just went there. 

The Giving Tree

                 Another children's book. This other classic, by Shel Silverstiein, is a true example of a very, very short story. This book is one of the most important for me because it's an excellent metaphor for a caring, nurturing mother. They give, and give, and are able to give until they have naught to give, but they will love you, even if your departing ass doesn't take them into consideration. The book can bring even the most hardened drama veterans to cry (if they have a conscience). 

I uh... I have something in my eye.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

                Now, the fact that this was made a movie (which was actually pretty good), shouldn't make you judge this book if you didn't like it. It's one of the best books I've ever read. The story of how a boy's life is completely changed after his father's death in 9/11. It's full of raw emotion from a kid with mental problems, so yeah, it's an interesting mix. 


                  Dante's inferno is on a whole different level. I'm not including the rest of the Divine Comedy, because I feel that you can learn more from Inferno. One of the things is that a man ends up living the life he chooses. Every man ends up facing his sins. That, my friends, is responsibility. Also, the inferno is awesome. 

I'd post the book but this looks more badass.

Romeo and Juliet

                  This masterpiece by William Shakespeare is possibly the best play I've ever read. It has everything. Two rival families, swordfighting, religion, love, sex, and roofies. There's uh... not much more I can say, so, yeah. Read it, bitches. 

Harry Potter Series

                  Any hipster-ass punk who wants to say that this series sucks can blow me. Why? Because, even though it's not the most sophisticated of books, Harry Potter has something that no other book has ever done. It broke records. It created another universe, for my generation, those of us who as kids, loved it when we started reading it, and as teenagers, cried when it all finished, because you can't stress enough how much we love it. 

The Old Man And The Sea

                 This book by Ernest Hemingway is one of my favorites, because it shows how the will of a man can mean his survival or death. His strength to overcome his troubles is something that impressed me when I read the book, and it teached me a lesson: Only the quitters stay behind. 

This dude can gut a shark with his broken hip.

                  There's maybe a hundred books I could write about, but if you're willing to participate, then write a book and why you think it's awesome in the comments section. So, grab a book, read it, expand your knowledge, trust me, it makes your life better.