Thursday, April 26, 2012

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                        For those of you that don't know, LIMBO is a side-scroller game with a minimalistic noir design and a simple controller, being Left, Right, Jump, Down, and an Action button. Its description doesn't help you interpret it much. It simply says: "Uncertain of his sister's fate, a boy enters Limbo". The game's deaths are pretty gruesome, and in fact, its gameplay is called by some "trial and death". 

                        So, basically, you start on a forest on the edge of hell. You go through the forest, and you have to run from a giant spider, go through puzzles, and avoid a group of a few humans who are trying to kill you. You can find corpses, which sometimes are necessary to go through a puzzle. At one point, there's a girl standing there, who disappears. 

                        After the forest with its creatures of doom, you go through an abandoned city. There's no tribes and shit there, but there's more hazards. After that, you go through a sort of factory, where there's more things to activate. That's the point where the game gets really hard, but also pretty lonely. Also, the noises in the game make you feel even worse; it's eery. When you finish, you go flying through glass and land in the forest again, where you wake up like in the beginning of the game. Then, you see a girl kneeling down. The game suddenly ends there. 

                         What can the game mean? There's a lot of interpretations. Some say that the Limbo represents Nature and City, showing the evils of the two. Some think that the boy is looking for his sister to climb into heaven. Others think he's trapped there, doomed to become insane like the other humans, who have possibly become insane because of the horrors in Limbo. 

                          What I believe is the deal with the game is that the boy was really dead the whole time. To rest, though, he needed to find his sister. He had to go through everything in Limbo to finally get to the girl. In the end, he wakes up again, and sees the girl. I believe that he would go through it again, and again, being in a sort of hell of his own, doomed to fight off horrors for eternity. Whatever interpretation you have, you'll love the game and you'll find that there's really nothing else like it. It's a real piece of art.