Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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Teacher's Day: The Sequel

                     May 15th, Teacher's Day in both Mexico and South Korea. Although I'd written about this before, I'm giving myself the pleasure of writing about it again, because every year you get new experiences. Some you will love, others you will hate, but trust me, a good teacher will always work hard to get you forward. They have a lot to go through, like our inevitable stupidity. 

-Jimmy, why are you looking down at your crotch and smiling? 

                     Now, this year I've learned many things, but aside from the academics, teachers have shown me what hard work can get you. We should always have the utmost respect for any professor, because they're here to build our character, which will guide us through thick. 

They also show style, like professor badass.

                     If you have any teacher you know and love, give her some chocolates, a flower, I don't know, anything you want, something that will show them how much you appreciate them, because let's face it, if it weren't for teachers, most of us would be on the streets, shouting about, stealing candy from babies with smart parents. So yeah, thank you guys for everything you've taught me. 
School is for chumps! Leave it and someday you'll be like me!
                    Matter of fact, my mom's a teacher, and damn it if it isn't hard work. Trust me, it's not something that simply involves grading. It also means being somebody to be there for them, because if a kid can't rely on his/her parents, they go to their teachers or closest friends. Also, my mom's always giving tutoring in the afternoon, she has book clubs, so, yeah, it's a full time job. Seriously, happy teacher's day to each and every master out there.