Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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How To: Improve Your Writing

         One of the greater challenges for writers is to be considered good by others. Usually, novice writers aren't that polished, and many are rejected because of their amateurish work. At this point, many give up, and others persist in writing horribly without even trying to find out why they're considered bad writers. 

This happens to everyone but few learn how to prevent it.
           I'll be honest with you. It's not easy and it's not a quick fix, but the only way to get better at writing is to practice it as much as you can, daily if possible. Once a while has passed, read your first texts. You'll notice a lot of mistakes, words you repeat, that kind of stuff. Fix that, and keep writing. Something that helps a lot is reading. And by reading I don't just mean books; articles, blogs, magazines, that sort of thing helps you develop your vocabulary and it can actually improve your style. 

Many enjoy reading during their recreational activities.
            If you're writing a book and you're starting out, trust me, it will be horrid. First drafts are always bad, especially if it's your first novel. Once you've finished it, don't work on it at all, do other things, keep developing your writing, then check your novel out again. I rewrote my novel twice and have revised it six times, and it's still being worked on. You won't get a perfect text on the first try. The best authors rewrite their work all the time.

Ernest Hemingway, master of rewriting, seen here in his Sean Connery outfit.
          So, basically, learning and practice make perfect. It's not the same as studying for a degree on creative writing, but trust me, on the long run, this helps you even more. I've met writers who were absolutely no good, got to practicing their writing on a daily basis and became very fine authors. You'll have to work, yeah, but everything that's worth it takes effort, so get to practicing.

This guy's got the hang of it.