Saturday, July 21, 2012

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Movie Review: Brave

              So, I got to see Brave today, and I must say, Pixar didn't disappoint (especially after that dreaded Cars 2). Brave is the tale of young Merida, a Scottish ginger princess who wants to create her own destiny for herself, as she is not pleased with having suitors. She feels marriage would take away her freedom. 

Haters gonna hate.
              Basically, Merida goes to a witch who can change her mother, and well, did she change. The ginger princess realized she screwed up, and has to change back the spell before it's too late and becomes permanent. She goes through a lot of trouble, and faces things that she couldn't even imagine would have happened at first. 

Like Craig Ferguson's voice.
           The movie is great for a lot of reasons. The character design, for example, is phenomenal. Then you've got things like the landscapes, which actually exist, or are heavily based on real landscapes. For example, there's a menhir circle based on the callanish stones. The music is great, the quality of the animation is wonderful, basically the movie is a complete package for entertainment. 

And horror, oh the horror.
Of course, it's not a pixar groundbreaker, but, well, those are hard to come by.