Saturday, July 21, 2012

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Time Travel, Is It Possible?

            Over the years, people have been wondering if traveling in time is possible. Well, I'm here to clear out your doubts. It's not. Time Travel is great for fictional stories, but it's damn near impossible in real life. The only scenarios scientists have speculated in which one might travel to the past are at the edge of what we understand of physics. 

             In physics we know time as a dimension with length, width and height. Imagine picking somebody from the airport. You're traveling forward in length and width and shit, all of that in space, but you're also traveling forward in time, constantly. 

Yay. Time travel.
            In the few propositions for time travel, it is speculated that it can be achieved via wormholes. Still, the energy needed to energize a time machine would be inmense. We would need the energy only a star or negative energy can give. 
Fuck me, somebody divided by zero.
           Something that is required for time travel is also to be able to go as fast or faster than the speed of light, and scientists have shown us that it's damn impossible. If a photon can't go that fast, imagine an object with actual mass. You could travel close to that speed in a spaceship, travel space for a year, go back to earth and the earth would have aged about a million years. Again, imagine how much fuel you need. 

Great Scott, Marty! We have to jump!