Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Admirable People: Lance Armstrong

EDIT: I just found out that Armstrong was in fact cheating. It's such a shame, I really idolized the guy. I think the media's bound to be humiliating him a lot, so yeah, he earned it, and I'll be damned if it wasn't one of the most intelligent frauds I'd ever seen. The rest of this post will be unedited, to serve as an example for how the world used to see him.

       Lance Armstrong, as anybody that went through the late 90's and early 2000's know, was a professional cyclist who was known for winning a shitton of Tour de France competitions (Read: 7 consecutive times) after surviving testicular cancer. He's got a big ball. So, now something's going on. 

And Lance don't like it.
            It's been found (apparently) that Armstrong was using performance enhancers from doping samples and testimonies from other riders, and thus, he shall forever be banned from cycling and his 7 Tour de France titles shall be revoked. He's actually been one of the most tested athletes in the world. In 2009 he went through 24 unannounced drug tests and came out negative in all of them. 

And 10,000 monkeys are gonna fly out of his ass.
         I frankly don't believe he's been using drugs to enhance his performance. Everybody's been so persistent with finding performance enhancers that they probaby either faked something or waited for him to take something that had a minimal trace of that drug. Here are Armstrong's opinions on the matter

Like a boss? Yes? No?
              So, what makes Armstrong admirable? The fact that he's won 7 Tour de France is not a small deal. Also, his Livestrong Foundation which helped raise funds for helping out people with cancer and producing those crappy yellow bracelets. He's been a great figure in both sports and for charities around the world. 

              I say that they should let him keep the titles, I mean, he's gone a long way with them, it wouldn't be fair to just revoke them after an extremely demanding organization wouldn't stop insisting on finding some sort of chemical inside of Armstrong. 

Because Lance is Lance and Lance is awesome.