Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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New Energy Source Could Save Humanity

            Kinetic Energy. We make some every time we move, no matter how little. A new sort of floor pad appeared a few years ago, which lights up when you step on it. In the Netherlands, a dance club called Club Watt started using this kind of floor. After that, they placed some tiles in a Tokio railway station, which uses the energy to power ticket machines and displays. 

            The floor uses a piezoelectric element, which is good for absorbing kinetic energy. A footstep from a 60 kg person would generate .1 Watts, which isn't much, but imagine the potential. Put the tiles in dance clubs, offices, hell, put it on gymnasiums and that kind of stuff, and imagine how much energy we can produce. 

             Is this the only clean energy that we can get from energy we produce? No. The company that does the Power Generating Floor tiles is working on a way that our sound can become energy. There's also one that works for cars, in which the vibration of the passing car causes pendulums to swing, which is used to light up a bridge in Japan. 

              So, yeah, it's still starting out, but the potential can't be ignored. Tiles are already installed on certain streets to be tested out, and they're good for the job. This may not become our main energy source, but it could help hinder and maybe even stop global warming.

Imagine this place with power generators on the floor.