Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Mortem... Coming Soon

           So, as you can assume, I love writing, and I've been working on this personal project of mine for about three years now: a novel. It's called, as the title says, Mortem, and it's about a guy who asks Death for a second chance, and gets it, but at a price. It's something very dear to me, into which I've put a lot of effort, and well, it's always been a dream of mine to publish a novel since I was a kid. Now, what better day to promote a story about death than halloween? If there are no delays, it goes online this weekend, but for now, I'll leave you with a small excerpt of the book. 

-On your knees, mortal – I coughed blood on the dark, endless floor. I screamed, the pain was too much.

-What happened?

-I will show you.

He pointed left. There was a grave with my name on it. I wanted to know what was going on. He pointed again, and a small circle appeared on the ground. In it I could see myself walking with my friends, when out of nowhere, a guy with a gun came and shot me in the chest.

-Wait, is that me? Can you undo this?

-What’s done is done, kid - He had a deep, calm voice. – It’s time for you to join your ancestors in the realm of the afterlife.

-No! It can’t be true! Please, give me another chance!

          Death stared back at me. He was a slightly tall, thin but strong man in a pinstriped suit. He was Caucasian, and had a British accent. He wore a Rolex watch, and carried a small, portable scythe made of gold. He had a cold, hard look in his eyes. He stared down at me for a while.

-Very well - he sighed-, you can be of value to me. I need a helper, and you have the skillset that’s necessary. You shall do the duties I could not carry out; end with those who still linger in the mortal world.

             If you're interested in reading more, check back on the weekend, and I'll let you readers know where you can find it. If you do read it, I hope you like it, and if you want it in print, check back in a month or two and I'll give you guys the update. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

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How To: Make Milk Paint

What's up, so I uploaded my first youtube video, I couldn't send it to my chemistry teacher through mail, the file size was too big, so why not share it with you? It's a greener solution to making paint and it will save you the costs of having lead in your system. Enjoy. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

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Amanda Todd


          So, another victim to cyberbullying. This time, it's a pretty, teenage white girl, so the world actually gives a shit. Who is Amanda Todd and what the hell happened? Well, this kid was some Canadian who gained attention on Youtube for showing a story with a series of flash cards, which told the story of how she was cyber-bullied. 

           It's 9 minutes long, so if you don't really have the time or don't want to see it, i'll sum it up for you. This little girl got a webcam and went online, where she got compliments like "beautiful", "perfect", and stuff (oh, surprise), and somebody wanted her to show her boobs, so she did. The guy, as it seems, made a screenshot and blackmailed her later. 

            This guy contacted her and told her that if she didn't to a show for him he'd send the topless picture to a lot of people. She doesn't, of course, and this guy makes sure the image spreads around, which it does quite well. Here's where the girl started having panic attacks. Another year later, the guy posts the picture of her topless and a list of her name and a few friends, which of course, turned her into a pariah. 

            After that, she hung out with some old guy friend and had some sort of sex, apparently, and a while later the guy went to her school with his girlfriend and another 15 people, and in front of 50 students, beat the crap out of her and send it to Youtube. After that, she drank bleach, and went to the hospital, and when she came back home she found her facebook full of hate posts and stuff. She started cutting herself and stuff, and on October 10, she's found dead. 

            Well, so what do I think about this? I must really, really emphasize on the fact that she's the one who caused it with the mere action of sending her topless pic. Yeah, it might have seemed harmless to her at the moment, but damn it if it wasn't stupid. What came after wasn't really something she caused but it was something she had coming. Society doesn't have good opinions about a girl who exposes herself, and if the hate was initiated by somebody, more people are going to join in eventually. 

I had to do it.
            Did she learn a lesson? No. She's dead. Did anybody else learn a lesson. No, they won't give a crap in a few days. Maybe a few people out there did, the lesson being DON'T DO STUPID SHIT ON THE INTERNET YOU WOULDN'T DO IN REAL LIFE. It's really, really important for people to learn this. Nothing ever disappears there, nothing can be deleted. If you do something stupid, it will come back to haunt you, no matter who you are. It angers me that a girl that was only fifteen had the guts to kill herself. It's both insanely idiotic, and selfish. I know I usually say that living is a right, not an obligation, but seriously, she had her whole life ahead of her, and well, her family must have been pretty hurt, if they're anything close to decent human beings. 

This also angers me, but well, you can't change society.

Friday, October 12, 2012

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5: Creepy Paintings

This'll be you after reading this article.
            All right, so Halloween is coming, and this gives me the pleasure of creeping you out until the day it arrives. Now, on with the topic of today. As an artist, you can express many things. You show the world what's in your imagination, or your take on any topic you choose, and voila, you can make art (if you're skilled). It's not surprising that people with strange minds are very attracted to this, the world should know how they think, it's usually the weird ones who are more interesting. Of course, there's weird for the weird, and that's where the fucked up comes. Here are a few examples. 

5: Study after Velazquez's portrait of Innocent X - Francis Bacon

             WHAT. THE. FUCK. That's probably the first thing that pops into your mind when you see this painting. It takes a special kind of mind to take something that's normal and turn it into the most twisted thing you've ever seen. Sir Francis Bacon was a bizzare one, and well, this shows it. You want to see the original version of the painting? 

Now get ready to say goodbye to your sanity.

4: The Death of Marat - Edvard Munch

Oh look, she's na- oh shit.
               Munch is the guy you know as the artist of The Scream. He's Norway's most famous painter. He decided to make a rendition of the moment Marat died. He was a leader in the French Revolution who spent all day in the bathtub because of a skin disease, and it was there that Charlotte Corday killed him. There's many renditions of the murder, but, this one's very, very disturbing.

3: Saturn Devouring his Son - Francisco Goya

Saturnine Meat: Eat like a god.
               Roman mythology was heavily based on Greek, and from this came out that, like Cronos is Zeus's father, Saturn is Jupiter's father. And, like Cronos, he made sure he didn't have any powerful successors by eating his children once they were born. This is one in a series of other paintings known as the Black Paintings, but hell, it kind of makes you feel sick. 

2: Pogo the Clown - John Wayne Gacy

Hey kids, I'm the politically incorrect Pogo the Clown!
                *Shudders* In case you don't know who John Wayne Gacy/Pogo the Clown was, he was a serial killer who got to children in his clown suit and, well, killed them. He's got a lot of paintings, but this one just gives you the creeps because, well, it's Pogo. 

1: The Hands Resist Him - Bill Stoneham

                 I know I'm going to have nightmares because of this one. Bill painted this in 1972, and as you can see, it gets creepier the more you look at it. A small boy standing next to a doll, standing in front of a dark window upon which you see hands pressed. Hell, this painting is so unsettling, a rumor about it was made, and well, the artist made a couple of sequels, here we go: 

All right, it's still weird. 

Seriously, what's up with the doll.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

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How To: Use Moss Graffiti

         So, the world's getting brown, and a little green really wouldn't be bad for it, wouldn't it? Well, recently, people have been making this new form of street art called moss graffiti, and quite frankly, it's not that bad if you want to decorate your garden or even interior (don't use it on painted walls if you want the paint there, though). 

          First of all, how does moss work? It's quite simple. It secretes acid to stick to a surface, and grows. Of course, there's a lot of more processes, but that's all the explanation you need if you want to know where you can grow it. Hell, you could make a moss-covered car (do it, it would be awesome) and it would survive. 

Maybe it's not moss, but an artist did it. It's excellent art, if you ask me.


60 ml buttermilk (Yogurt works fine as well)
350 ml water
Clumps of moss
2 tbsp. water gel (Beer works too)

You need: 

Surface to apply moss
Water to keep moss hydrated

           First, pour 60 ml of buttermilk and 350 ml of water into a blender. Then, you add clumps of moss to the blender. Make sure it's clean, the way you can do this is washing it before putting it in the blender. This way, it'll look cleaner once you apply it. Then, you add two tablespoons of water gel to the blender. You blend it until it's smooth, then you put it in a bucket, and with any brush, go to the surface you want to paint and paint it. Water the moss once a day and in a while it'll grow, and voila, you'll have your awesome art, you'll contribute a bit to the planet and, well, yeah, it's just cool. 

If you have any doubts as to how to do it, just watch the following video. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

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Is Vocabulary Important?

This here, this right here, is your motivation.
        All right, first of all this has been my first post in a while, I know, shame on me. Now enough of that, let's get into the real topic you're going to read about. Vocabulary. Some say it's important, some say it isn't, so, what's up? Well, it may be a matter of subjectiveness and - well crap, that's just wishful thinking. 

Wise words of potato.
       Yes, an elaborated vocabulary is important for a number of reasons. First of all, you find millions of ways to express yourself. You can come off as a dumbass (Read: That fucker jumped that spiky wood thingy), a normal guy (The dog jumped the fence) or an intellectual (The canine made a springing motion over the wooden barrier [careful, you can come off as an eloquent douchebag]). 

Use complicated adjectives in a bad way and you'll look like this donkey.
         Also, if you master your language, you can express yourself in many ways. What would awesome mean to you if you used it for everything you liked? That car, that girl, a game? Instead of using adjectives, you can say that wonderful car, that beautiful girl, that incredible game, you know, add a little spice to it. This is very, very important if you're going to have a job that depends on your language skills, like an author, journalist, traducer, hell, it's imperative if you're applying for anything like a college. They're not going to accept the boy who says "I want to study at your school because it has a good reputation", they want the one who says "The reason that your institute is of interest to me is none other than it's incredible prestige". 

           How can you build the wonderfully complex art of language so it can be of use to you? Well, there's a few methods. The one I recommend the most is reading, and actually paying attention to what you're processing. Those boring movies that always win at the Academy Awards because only 40 year-old white men vote there? Those dull guys like them for a reason: their finess. Watch them every once in a while so you can reinforce the foundations of your vocabulary's variety. 

I mean, seriously? Up against Gangs of New York (good for language too), LOTR the Two Towers, and the Pianist, and they choose this?!?
          So, to sum it up, I would just say practice a bit, then practice some more. There's no other way you're going to be good at something if you just half-ass (Read: arse) it, you know. Also, how do you know when to use your newly acquired complex language? Whenever your with your friends, girlfriend, family, you know, most people in your life... that's when you don't use it. It's good for first impressions with authority figures, and that's kind of it. Pretty useful, though. 

Just don't forget this. This is necessary to advance.