Friday, October 12, 2012

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5: Creepy Paintings

This'll be you after reading this article.
            All right, so Halloween is coming, and this gives me the pleasure of creeping you out until the day it arrives. Now, on with the topic of today. As an artist, you can express many things. You show the world what's in your imagination, or your take on any topic you choose, and voila, you can make art (if you're skilled). It's not surprising that people with strange minds are very attracted to this, the world should know how they think, it's usually the weird ones who are more interesting. Of course, there's weird for the weird, and that's where the fucked up comes. Here are a few examples. 

5: Study after Velazquez's portrait of Innocent X - Francis Bacon

             WHAT. THE. FUCK. That's probably the first thing that pops into your mind when you see this painting. It takes a special kind of mind to take something that's normal and turn it into the most twisted thing you've ever seen. Sir Francis Bacon was a bizzare one, and well, this shows it. You want to see the original version of the painting? 

Now get ready to say goodbye to your sanity.

4: The Death of Marat - Edvard Munch

Oh look, she's na- oh shit.
               Munch is the guy you know as the artist of The Scream. He's Norway's most famous painter. He decided to make a rendition of the moment Marat died. He was a leader in the French Revolution who spent all day in the bathtub because of a skin disease, and it was there that Charlotte Corday killed him. There's many renditions of the murder, but, this one's very, very disturbing.

3: Saturn Devouring his Son - Francisco Goya

Saturnine Meat: Eat like a god.
               Roman mythology was heavily based on Greek, and from this came out that, like Cronos is Zeus's father, Saturn is Jupiter's father. And, like Cronos, he made sure he didn't have any powerful successors by eating his children once they were born. This is one in a series of other paintings known as the Black Paintings, but hell, it kind of makes you feel sick. 

2: Pogo the Clown - John Wayne Gacy

Hey kids, I'm the politically incorrect Pogo the Clown!
                *Shudders* In case you don't know who John Wayne Gacy/Pogo the Clown was, he was a serial killer who got to children in his clown suit and, well, killed them. He's got a lot of paintings, but this one just gives you the creeps because, well, it's Pogo. 

1: The Hands Resist Him - Bill Stoneham

                 I know I'm going to have nightmares because of this one. Bill painted this in 1972, and as you can see, it gets creepier the more you look at it. A small boy standing next to a doll, standing in front of a dark window upon which you see hands pressed. Hell, this painting is so unsettling, a rumor about it was made, and well, the artist made a couple of sequels, here we go: 

All right, it's still weird. 

Seriously, what's up with the doll.