Monday, October 15, 2012

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Amanda Todd


          So, another victim to cyberbullying. This time, it's a pretty, teenage white girl, so the world actually gives a shit. Who is Amanda Todd and what the hell happened? Well, this kid was some Canadian who gained attention on Youtube for showing a story with a series of flash cards, which told the story of how she was cyber-bullied. 

           It's 9 minutes long, so if you don't really have the time or don't want to see it, i'll sum it up for you. This little girl got a webcam and went online, where she got compliments like "beautiful", "perfect", and stuff (oh, surprise), and somebody wanted her to show her boobs, so she did. The guy, as it seems, made a screenshot and blackmailed her later. 

            This guy contacted her and told her that if she didn't to a show for him he'd send the topless picture to a lot of people. She doesn't, of course, and this guy makes sure the image spreads around, which it does quite well. Here's where the girl started having panic attacks. Another year later, the guy posts the picture of her topless and a list of her name and a few friends, which of course, turned her into a pariah. 

            After that, she hung out with some old guy friend and had some sort of sex, apparently, and a while later the guy went to her school with his girlfriend and another 15 people, and in front of 50 students, beat the crap out of her and send it to Youtube. After that, she drank bleach, and went to the hospital, and when she came back home she found her facebook full of hate posts and stuff. She started cutting herself and stuff, and on October 10, she's found dead. 

            Well, so what do I think about this? I must really, really emphasize on the fact that she's the one who caused it with the mere action of sending her topless pic. Yeah, it might have seemed harmless to her at the moment, but damn it if it wasn't stupid. What came after wasn't really something she caused but it was something she had coming. Society doesn't have good opinions about a girl who exposes herself, and if the hate was initiated by somebody, more people are going to join in eventually. 

I had to do it.
            Did she learn a lesson? No. She's dead. Did anybody else learn a lesson. No, they won't give a crap in a few days. Maybe a few people out there did, the lesson being DON'T DO STUPID SHIT ON THE INTERNET YOU WOULDN'T DO IN REAL LIFE. It's really, really important for people to learn this. Nothing ever disappears there, nothing can be deleted. If you do something stupid, it will come back to haunt you, no matter who you are. It angers me that a girl that was only fifteen had the guts to kill herself. It's both insanely idiotic, and selfish. I know I usually say that living is a right, not an obligation, but seriously, she had her whole life ahead of her, and well, her family must have been pretty hurt, if they're anything close to decent human beings. 

This also angers me, but well, you can't change society.