Thursday, October 11, 2012

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How To: Use Moss Graffiti

         So, the world's getting brown, and a little green really wouldn't be bad for it, wouldn't it? Well, recently, people have been making this new form of street art called moss graffiti, and quite frankly, it's not that bad if you want to decorate your garden or even interior (don't use it on painted walls if you want the paint there, though). 

          First of all, how does moss work? It's quite simple. It secretes acid to stick to a surface, and grows. Of course, there's a lot of more processes, but that's all the explanation you need if you want to know where you can grow it. Hell, you could make a moss-covered car (do it, it would be awesome) and it would survive. 

Maybe it's not moss, but an artist did it. It's excellent art, if you ask me.


60 ml buttermilk (Yogurt works fine as well)
350 ml water
Clumps of moss
2 tbsp. water gel (Beer works too)

You need: 

Surface to apply moss
Water to keep moss hydrated

           First, pour 60 ml of buttermilk and 350 ml of water into a blender. Then, you add clumps of moss to the blender. Make sure it's clean, the way you can do this is washing it before putting it in the blender. This way, it'll look cleaner once you apply it. Then, you add two tablespoons of water gel to the blender. You blend it until it's smooth, then you put it in a bucket, and with any brush, go to the surface you want to paint and paint it. Water the moss once a day and in a while it'll grow, and voila, you'll have your awesome art, you'll contribute a bit to the planet and, well, yeah, it's just cool. 

If you have any doubts as to how to do it, just watch the following video.