Sunday, October 7, 2012

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Is Vocabulary Important?

This here, this right here, is your motivation.
        All right, first of all this has been my first post in a while, I know, shame on me. Now enough of that, let's get into the real topic you're going to read about. Vocabulary. Some say it's important, some say it isn't, so, what's up? Well, it may be a matter of subjectiveness and - well crap, that's just wishful thinking. 

Wise words of potato.
       Yes, an elaborated vocabulary is important for a number of reasons. First of all, you find millions of ways to express yourself. You can come off as a dumbass (Read: That fucker jumped that spiky wood thingy), a normal guy (The dog jumped the fence) or an intellectual (The canine made a springing motion over the wooden barrier [careful, you can come off as an eloquent douchebag]). 

Use complicated adjectives in a bad way and you'll look like this donkey.
         Also, if you master your language, you can express yourself in many ways. What would awesome mean to you if you used it for everything you liked? That car, that girl, a game? Instead of using adjectives, you can say that wonderful car, that beautiful girl, that incredible game, you know, add a little spice to it. This is very, very important if you're going to have a job that depends on your language skills, like an author, journalist, traducer, hell, it's imperative if you're applying for anything like a college. They're not going to accept the boy who says "I want to study at your school because it has a good reputation", they want the one who says "The reason that your institute is of interest to me is none other than it's incredible prestige". 

           How can you build the wonderfully complex art of language so it can be of use to you? Well, there's a few methods. The one I recommend the most is reading, and actually paying attention to what you're processing. Those boring movies that always win at the Academy Awards because only 40 year-old white men vote there? Those dull guys like them for a reason: their finess. Watch them every once in a while so you can reinforce the foundations of your vocabulary's variety. 

I mean, seriously? Up against Gangs of New York (good for language too), LOTR the Two Towers, and the Pianist, and they choose this?!?
          So, to sum it up, I would just say practice a bit, then practice some more. There's no other way you're going to be good at something if you just half-ass (Read: arse) it, you know. Also, how do you know when to use your newly acquired complex language? Whenever your with your friends, girlfriend, family, you know, most people in your life... that's when you don't use it. It's good for first impressions with authority figures, and that's kind of it. Pretty useful, though. 

Just don't forget this. This is necessary to advance.