Saturday, November 10, 2012

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Mortem Character Profiles: Edgar Blair And His Dark Side

I want you to get an idea of how a few of the main characters are, so I'll let you get to see a small portion of their personality. Check them out. 

-I don’t know, James, chaos is…
-It feels like home. Somewhere deep in my mind, in my heart, I see this… Death, chaos, rage, and I say: This is home.

Edgar Blair:

The main character of Mortem, he sells his soul for a second chance to live, but is he really living? He fights for control with his dark side, and has a constantly changing personality.

-That’s what the asylum was for. That year, that fucking year, wasted.
-You know we had fun that year.
-Still, I’d rather be free than locked with crazy people.
-Other crazy people.
-Yeah. I guess I have to work on repressing you again.
-Oh, Blair. You know you can’t repress me.

Edgar Blair's Dark Side doesn't have a name, but Blair and his friends refer to it as Negativity. He represents all the dark and evil thoughts Blair has, and tries to gain control of his body in crucial moments.

            These are just two of the various characters you can find in Mortem, if you're interested in reading a sample or buying it, check out this page, and if you want it in print, then wait for a month or two, I'll keep you updated. The book also has a facebook page.