Friday, September 21, 2012

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           Peace is one of those concepts that is easy to grasp but hard to actually see. Today is the International Day of Peace, and we the people actually want it. Hell, either it's been thousands of years, and it's even possible that humanity has been in conflict since the dawn of the first homo sapiens

Guys, what are you doing? Guys? STAHP.
             Why do we want peace? People want to stop being afraid. Nobody lives in the same circumstances as another; for example, somebody from a first-world country with high crime rate has no idea what life is like on a third-world country with extreme crime rates, and yet, both of them know that it has to stop. There are countries in war, hell, last year was the climax of the Arab Spring, and many civilians died. 

To be fair, they fought for peace, and they won it.
            Can something be done? Yes, but unfortunately, not much can be changed quickly. It would take some sort of miracle so the world could actually know the meaning of real peace. War is business, and business is booming. So much is invested in weapons that what is spent on it in a week is enough to erradicate world hunger. And world leaders, they know that, but they'd rather arm themselves strong than be vulnerable to an attack. 

This is the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

                What steps can be taken? If you want peace, it would take some small efforts, but somebody has to be there to do them. You could:

  • Revoke the right for civilians to bear arms (firearms, at least). 
  • Promote values and morals, especially in small children. 
  • Punish criminals, but while they're in jail, educate them so they know why what they did was wrong and maybe even have some sort of opportunity if they come out of jail. 
  • Quiet down arguments that are about to get physical (hell, you can even save a life there). 
Baby, that's my specialty. 
              There's many more options, and yet, so few people willing to do them. They say that evil is possible because the good people do nothing. Unfortunately, that's true, so consider this an invitation to become apostles of peace, give a favor, let them pay it forward, whatever it takes for you to make the world a better place. If everybody works together, we might actually start seeing some peace, and that's a beautiful thought, is it not?