Sunday, January 6, 2013

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Book Review: 1984

          So, I got a Kindle, which means I'll now get to a whole awful lot of reading, and the first book I took the pleasure of reading electronically was 1984 by George Orwell. A book that was published in 1949, it stands as a warning of a future which we are to prevent from happening. 

      People are closely watched constantly from every single place you could imagine, including their televisions. Public executions are regarded as entertainment. History is altered. People are conditioned to love Big Brother, the ruler of Oceania, the location in which this novel takes place. 

          What makes this novel so great? The fact that the results of a full-on tyranny are shown in such detail, the increasing feeling of despair that you get, the emotions of the characters involved, the creativity of the dystopia which George Orwell created, amongst other things. 

         One of my favorite aspects was the alteration of the English language. Called "Newspeak" in the novel, it involved a lot of things, for example, "crimethought", which was simple thinking something that went against the government's ideals, "doublethink", which actually requires doublethink to understand, which involves something to be true, and being able to reject it in the name of the government, which was the main reason Big Brother could rule as he did. There's also a lot of repression besides physical; the most important psychological repression is possibly the sexual, sex here being considered a duty to the government. 

          The novel is a work of art and you should read it, not only for entertainment, but to consider the fact that we're lucky enough to live in a society where we can have freedom and know most of the truth about the world, because there are always going to be things hidden from the public. Get the book as soon as you can, read it, cry for a bit and then appreciate the reality we live in. 

What a reality, huh?