Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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What Has Society Done To Internet Memes?

         Ah, memes. Coined by Richard Dawkins and later coined in an alternative version by the Internet, it is simply an ideology which gets widespread in a society. One of the earliest Internet memes, which I hold with great fondness, is that of the dancing baby, which got widespread in 1996, but actually appeared on the Ally Mcbeal show in 1990. 

         Then, the Internet itself got more widespread and some of the more arcaic memes like Lolcats, 2 Girls 1 Cup (No, it's not a good idea to watch it), the Star Wars kid, Numa Numa guy, and memes took various shapes and sizes, it could have been a video clip (Tron Guy), a website (goatse [I don't even know if it exists anymore]), phrases (All your base are belong to us; has anyone ever been far as decided to go look more like?), images (lolcats), jokes (rick roll; scary maze game), and parodies (Kanye West interruption). 

        The website 4chan was responsible for starting many memes, and from it came the Epic Fail Guy among many others, but nowadays they are the first critics for whatever becomes popular. Why? Allow me to explain. 

I can kinda wrap it up with this image.
         The internet's memes used to be more closed off to general society, which allowed things with more obscure origins to become popular. Then, more and more people began to access the web, and of course, they were entitled to their own comedy, so then you started getting shitty memes that became popular with people with a shitty sense of humor. 

Well now, isn't this depressing?
          I haven't been on 9gag for a year and a half now (I didn't last more than a month looking at it), and I'm quite sure that if I last five minutes I will see a lot of the same memes being used again and again, with a couple new additions from reddit, plus a few horribly written, mediocre jokes, pictures of cute things and a lot of friendzone complaining. 
Thank you, Boromir.
        Come on, has anybody a sense of originality anymore? I'm really glad I haven't seen RageFaces in a long while now, but there's a bunch of other things that are being repeated a lot, and damn if there aren't any recurring topics throughout the years (le; pokemon; etc.). And please, please, please, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stop joking about Slenderman. His stories weren't even scary, his videogame's been around for years now, please stop with the goddamn Slenderman crap.

There, face your fear or whatever.