Monday, February 4, 2013

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Does Randy Blythe Deserve Freedom?

        As a lot of people in the heavy metal community know, Randy Blythe, the singer of Lamb of God, got into some trouble back in 2010 when he was performing in Club Abaton in Prague. Now, there was this kid, 19 years old, who jumped unto stage, and was pushed back by Blythe, at which moment he fell to the ground, hit his head and died. The twist? The kid had already been pushed off twice by Randy. 

Quite honestly, after the tragic death of Dimebag, one has to take care of  himself onstage.

           Now, it wasn't anything to be surprised about. Randy Blythe usually treats his fans the same way when they jump onstage; you get a small beating and get kicked off the stage. The problem here was that security wasn't there to catch the boy when he fell down. 

Why didn't anybody think of the slam gate?
          So, what happened after that? Blythe left Prague with the rest of Lamb of God, and when he returned, he was arrested with the charge of manslaughter. So, after that, he was detained for a bit, then let go under bail, but he stated that if there was a trail, he would return for it. Now, the laywer handling the accusation is a good one, having imprisoned a few people for life and some for more than a decade, but he's also got a good defense. Randy also stated that he did in fact kick a fan off the stage, but other fans nearby gave thumbs up, which in a meant "all is well". The trial began today, February 4, and will end with the week. Nosek's family's also seeking for $530,000 in damage, and if found guilty, Randy will serve 10 years. 

What's society's verdict?