Saturday, February 2, 2013

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Young Talent: Marina Andrienko

          As many people are aware of, it's essential to develop skills when you're young so you can do things like increasing your mental capacity, or, as some of us would rather, having something to show off. Here's one girl with such a talent, her name is Marina Andrienko, and she's the first person ever to be interviewed in this blog, hopefully the first of many.

  • Who inspired you to start playing, and when did you start?
Of course, Matthew Bellamy inspired me to start playing the guitar. I fell in love with him and the way he plays at first sight and note. The thought of his incredible talent made me want to be like him.

  • Is the rest of your family involved in music?
I live with mom, cat and parrot. Well, my mom isn't really involved in music, but she played the piano and sang quite often when I was a child. I always listened to her and sang too. My cat doesn't like music, but the parrot does haha. 

  • Do you just play guitar, or can you play some other instrument?
I play the guitar and recently started to learn the piano. Actually I'd like to play the bass and drums and sing, as well :D.
  • Which are your favorite bands? 
It's a difficult question, I'd rather say I haven't got "favourite" bands except for Muse. More than that, I just listen to songs I like, no matter what band it is. 

  • Do you play in public? Say, concerts or festivals?
I've never played in any publics yet. The reason is that I live in a very small town and there are no such places.

  • How often do you practice? 
I actually don't spend a lot of time on playing now because of my school. Many people ask me how much time I play per day, but I can't answer. Sometimes I can play for days round the clock and sometimes I have no time to play for even a month.

  • How many guitars do you have?
Now I have 2 guitars: Schecter ZV Mirror and Manson Mirror replica. I don't use Manson because it's broken. My previous guitars Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst replica and Squier Bullet by Fender are sold.

  • Which guitar do you want to have?
I'd like to get a good Telecaster, don't know which exactly. And of course, a real Manson guitar is my dream.

  • What tips can you give for beginners?
I can just say: love music with all your heart, wish to succeed as much as you can, always believe in your dreams and never give up. 

  • Do you write any songs, and if so, are you planning to release them?
I've composed a couple of songs and I plan to write again when I have free time. I'd really like to release them but at first, I need a band. :)

             So, as we can see, Marina has an excellent attitude and is planning to release some of her own songs when the time comes. I personally believe that she has a lot of potential, and if all goes well, we'll be seeing a lot of her later on. In the meanwhile, here's her Facebook, her Youtube channel, and in case you're "too busy" to go to Youtube, here's Andrienko covering Muse's song Showbiz.