Saturday, April 27, 2013

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5: Benefits Of Reading

         Time and time again, people ask themselves why the hell should they read. Isn't it a waste of time? I mean, what can you learn from fiction? Non-fiction's still good, at least you get to learn something from real life, right? Even though it's boring? Right?

           Well, fret not, dear reader, for it turns out that reading does indeed have benefits, and it will give them to you throughout many aspects of your life, for example:

5: You Get Smarter

           Yes, this sounds obvious, but think about it for a moment. When you read, your mind has to be alert all the time, lest you want to miss something. Also, since your brain's active while you read, as you get older, you do indeed reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's, which tends to strike the elder. As you can infer, they're too tired to do anything, which makes it harder for them to do activities that stimulates their minds. 

Then go ahead and grab a book.

4: You Lose Weight

            Now, don't think this replaces exercise, but you're going to burn more calories reading than watching television, that's a no-brainer. Now, how many? Say you're at 150 pounds, you're going to burn something like forty calories an hour. Like I said, it's not that much, but it's a cool, hidden benefit you've got there. 

Combine them and you get twice the benefit!
(I actually do this some weekends)
3: Increased Vocabulary

           This one can come from reading fiction. Good writers tend to use an eloquent language, and fiction authors aren't the exception to the norm. That doesn't mean you should go ahead and read Shakespeare, which is difficult if you're starting and uses a lot of words that aren't even used anymore. Start slow and build your way up, and you'll notice that you'll be a better speaker in a while. 

Vow to vacate the organ before your visage to verbalize like V! 
2: You Write Better

         Yes, this comes as a result of getting smarter and getting a better vocabulary. But there's also something else. You notice how sentences are structured in such a way that ends up enhancing what you put on paper. It's like school; books give you the tools and you learn how to use them. 

1: You Read Better

               This one's the most awesome, for it increases the other benefits, but also lets you explore the world that literature encompasses, which is vast. I swear I know a bunch of people who get into reading clubs, reading a book or two a year, and a while later they're at a book a month, then a week. And with time, you get extremely good at it. I had a teacher who read at least one book a day. Add that up to her years and that's thousands of books. Imagine the knowledge that's contained in her mind. 

*click to enlarge*
So, go ahead, pick up a book, it may be gruelling now, but you'll thank me later.