Saturday, May 25, 2013

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5: Awesome Underappreciated Bands/Artists

           A lot of times it's easy to point out which bands are the most famous, and most of the time they're good, but sometimes the best don't get the recognition they deserve, and some might not even be the best, but deserve to be more appreciated by everybody. These are a few examples. 

5: Quba

          This Rumanian dubstep artist is relatively fresh (He only has 2 EPs), but the few songs he has are really good. I'm especially fond of his new EP, Damage, but I'm pretty sure that he's going to put something else on the plate. Meanwhile, here's one of his songs, "Heart Instructions".

4: Rodrigo y Gabriela

         Although these are pretty famous, they're still underappreciated. They're a guitar duo coming from Mexico City, who tried to gain fame in Ixtapa. Nobody paid any attention to them and they ended up going to Dublin in Ireland and gaining notoriety there. They've got an interesting style, which in simple terms can be described as fast, rhythmic guitar playing but can also be mentioned as mind blowing riffs. They make a good couple (musical of course) and they're worth a listen (or a lot). Here's one of their more famous songs: "Tamacun".

3: Puerto Muerto

             This is an alternative country band which is really interesting. Comprised of ex-married couple (Yes, it's like White Stripes all over again) Tim Kelley and Christina Meyer, they have an interesting sound that's hard to replicate. "Drumming for Pistols" is my favorite from their repertoire, but they have a lot more where that came from.

2: Lindsey Stirling

Ladies, contain your jealousy.
         Some of you may recognize her from the 2010 season of America's Got Talent as the Hip Hop Violinist, Lindsey's a violinist, dancer, performance artist, and of course composer. Indeed, she has some Hip Hop, there's a bit of Classical, some Pop music, and Dubstep. She's just released an album but from her I would definitely like to hear more. Meanwhile, here's Crystallize.

1: Tarantella

            Now this band is something else. Their style is different, and when I say different, I mean that I haven't found any band that can come close to this sound, which some call Southern Gothica, but really it's a fusion of that and Latin music and possibly Greek dances, you know, a bit of everything. Kal Cahoone and John Rumley formed a collaboration that certainly won't find an equal soon. Kahoone came from Argentina after working with Christian Basso and was desperate to start a band, and this is what happened. Listen to A Chi Sa Dove Sara.