Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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What Is #besomebody?

          #besomebody. There's a chance you've heard of it. It's got more than 11 thousand followers on twitter and all goes well for the movement then it can increase, and fast. According to their blog, #besomebody is a "declaration that your Best is all you have to give." What does it mean?

           Well, of course, it's mainly motivational. The talk of rejecting mediocrity will eventually lead to a better attitude and a more positive outlook on life. So, is it a humbug? Is it useless? Worthless? Or is it something with potential?

         Yes, indeed it has potential, and of course it has a few interesting aspects. I feel it's a bit too motivational at times, though, almost as much as Coelho can get to be. Up until now, though, there's been an interesting response, and it's going to be mentioned a lot for a while if all goes well.

             Meanwhile, I've contributed to the movement submitting the picture of the moment I recieved my novel for the first time. If you've got a picture capturing a special moment, or are using the #besomebody shirt while doing something awesome, go ahead and submit it. I'm not one for motivational movements, but this one can prove to be effective. 

               So, why did I take an interest with this movement? Because it's not the usual motivational bullcrap of feel good, be a good person and the universe will be good to you. They tell you to sieze the opportunities you get in everyday life and use them, and that, my friends, is what many other movements lack: the call for action. #besomebody recognizes that it won't be easy, but they also know that you're going to have a damn good time out of it and you'll actually get something if you give something, and that, indeed, is how the world works.