Monday, June 3, 2013

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Book Review: World War Z

        World War Z. Written by Max Brooks, the same guy who wrote the Zombie Survival Guide (and the son of cinema legend Mel Brooks). Everybody's waiting for what will possibly be the best zombie movie ever produced (if there's a famous actor in it, it's going to be well produced) and many people are wondering whether the book is any good. Well, I got around to it a couple of months ago, and I'll be damned if it isn't the best zombie book I've ever read. Why?

Wouldn't you think zombies are enough?
         The book's about a bunch of interviews. Yes, that sounds strange at first, but you have to realize that those turn this novel into a beautifully crafted story which talks about every aspect of the zombie war. How did tribes fare against zombies? Did zeds die off in the cold? What about oceans, could they go across them? Lakes? Rivers? How did humanity fight back? What happened with the economy, with politics, with everything? How many people died? How did countries change?

I mean, just, what the hell, man?
      The book goes everywhere, from the U.S. to Israel to Brazil to Japan to Russia and many other countries and even space (for example, astronauts got to see the onslaught as they had to keep satelites operating). A crew in a satellite had to go through hearing distress signals while they themselves gave off instructions on how to fight back against zombies, cultivate plants, etc.

They never explain why Brad Pitt tried to get Kid Rock's hairstyle, though.
And think about it. Everything's there. 


          Also, emotion plays a huge part in this novel, and I'll be damned if it isn't awesome. So, go ahead and read this book as fast as you damn well can before the movie comes out, and if you don't get to read it, then tough shit, read it after watching the movie, because this may damn well be one of the most awesomely crafted survival/horror novels ever made.

Bring it on, brainless maggots, humanity's ready.