Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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Would Widespread Wealth Ruin The World?

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        The carbon footprint is a way of measuring how much energy one consumes, usually during a given year. And people in more developed countries have high emissions compared to those in third world countries. Take the U.S., for example; an american toddler will have generated more carbon dioxide in its first year than an average Tanzanian person will generate in his/her lifetime.

          Many people are reluctant to help out developing nations because, without the proper cautions, global warming can be accelerated at a staggering rate. Still, could those precautions stop global warming? Think about it. China has more than four times the population size the United States has, and yet, the country's carbon footprint is slightly larger. If 1.3 billion people can control their consumption at such a rate, why can't Americans, who are roughly 300 million people do so too? And why stop there? Every single country in the world should have access to the knowledge and cultural education that would lead them to look for a sustentable lifestyle.

I mean, seriously, if you can walk on a patch of your own garbage,
(which appears on Google Earth)
you've got problems.
         If anybody remembers Al Gore, or that guy who was almost the President of the United States, he was very well aware of what global warming was doing, but he was also aware of the fact that if people wanted to, they could stop it right in its tracks. 

           I'm not going to post ways that you can save energy here, mostly because many of you already know them and there are many websites written by experts about these topics, but really think about it. If the world actually shows self-control (and investigation is set forth to find new energy sources and renewable materials) widespread wealth wouldn't present a problem to us, in fact, it would help a lot.

We would all be one with nature and shit.
In the meanwhile, if you are keen to start saving up on energy now, here are a few helpful links:

Follow those tips, remember to reuse and reduce (then recycle) and we'll be closer to having everybody with their own slice of wealth in no time.