Sunday, July 28, 2013

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5: Awesome European Artists

Any time you go on a trip it's a true fact that you'll discover something new, and on my recent trip through Germany and France, I discovered that there are a few artists worth mentioning that somehow haven't made it well in the Americas yet, so here are a few of these excellent musicians.

5: Caro Emerald

    Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw hails from Amsterdam, so she's one of the best-known Dutch jazz singers right now. You could say she has a style similar to Amy Winehouse in Back to Black, just a bit more cheerful. Here's "A Night Like This", one of her more famous songs.

4: Cro

      Carlo Waibel is a German rapper who has a particular style that is mixed with pop, which he himself calls "Raop". He usually takes to wearing a sort of panda mask, which is pretty cool, so he gets a plus for originality, I guess.

3: Peter Fox

        Pierre Baigory is another German who's worthy of a good mention. He's vocalist in Seeed, a reggae/hip hop band, and he's also a member of Dancehall. He has a very good grasp of rhythm and can mix a lot of different instruments to create memorable music.

2: Yelle

         Some might know this French band for being remixed by Steve Aoki for his mix album "Pillowface and his Airplane Chronicles". Well, Yelle is a band fronted by Julie Budet, known as Yelle, and Jean-Francois Perrier who's known as GrandMarnier. They mix pop and electro in a cool way which makes you want to dance even if you don't know how to.

1: Zaz

         The beautiful Isabelle Geffroy is known as Zaz, and she's another Jazz singer. She comes from France, and likes to sing jazz mixed with acoustic and some French Variety. She's famous for her song "Je Veux" but that's not the only good song she has, I can assure you. 

Je Veux is Zaz's most famous song, but here's another one that I like pretty much.