Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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Movie Review: The Lone Ranger

           So, Gore Verbinsky's been at it again and critics were quick to dismiss this movie as being in the same style like the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, more is better. They say that it's silly, has horrible dialogue, blah blah blah and of course everybody does their own shit and Johnny Depp does nothing more than being Johnny Depp.

             Yeah, maybe some of those things happen, but the movie did impress me in a way, most of all the fact that you could tell a big budget had been put into the film. How? The picture itself was excellent, you got these great landscapes, good shots of certain animals (like a crow flying across a canyon), and a few other great pictures every once in a while.

             The contextualization was great. It did feel like the U.S. in the 1860's, and of course, for a few good reasons. Everybody dressed according to the epoch, but of course with a few hundred millions in the budget there wasn't going to be any mediocrity there.

              Now, the stories in the movie were good, there was like a mix of a few stories in there that actually ran quite smoothly with one another. The thing is that sometimes they would mix too quickly and it was exhausting to watch. Also, the actors didn't do the story a favor. Sure, there were a few that proved to be good (and of course, Johnny Depp was cast as Johnny Depp), but some scenes couldn't be taken as seriously thanks to a lack of emotion coming from the cast.

And Johnny Depp.
            The music, of course, was decent. First, let's get the facts straight. Jack White was going to compose the music, he had to decline, and Gore Verbinsky hired Hans Zimmer. Why the hell am I not surprised? Anyways, there was this instance in a train chase scene in which the William Tell Overture was used, impressively well. Then they blew it by repeating it a lot. 

           Anyways. The movie is half good half crap. The form is good, the content is shit. It's worth a view, yes, so you can sort of get to know the story of the Lone Ranger. But don't go there expecting something else than what could be Pirates of the Caribbean dressed as a Western.