Monday, July 22, 2013

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Why Education Is Vital

        In this increasingly connecting world, it seems that more and more glory is being given to the intelligent men, but, still, the world must be managed by the few, right? Maybe, but then, when the population isn't educated a lot of problems can arise, mainly, those who are educated can take control and be corrupt. Don't believe me? How are the least educated countries faring? Hell, look at the countries that are ranked about halfway in education and they're not doing well. Anyways, what is it that makes the better educated countries, such as New Zealand, Finland, and Denmark (Cuba's way up there but they're screwed for a variety of reasons beyond the civilization's power) be way better off than others?

          One of the main reasons, of course, is that a good collection of knowledge leads to progress. Without a proper understanding of collected information, one cannot lead himself to discover more. The most educated countries release hundreds of thousands of patents a year, with thousands of them being granted, while some countries don't even reach ten.

           Also, a country with more education is easier to manage, for they are more adaptable to organization. For example, I went to Germany and they had a system for recycling, their machines save energy and water, less people use cars because of the public transportation systems, cities grow vertically instead of horizontally, a lot of things that other countries should start adopting for the simple reason that it increases sustainability.

          Another thing is that uneducated people tend to struggle more economically, but that doesn't stop them from having children (actually these sort of people tend to have a staggeringly high amount of children), even though they can't support them well. Why? Simple, their children serve as a taskforce, so then there's this vicious cycle where a high amount of children grow up knowing nothing but harsh work since they're small and not taking the time to learn. 

Meanwhile, the low amount of children in Switzerland is bewildering.
          So, what happens when a population in general lacks intelligence or knowledge? The government simply takes advantage. Think of Venezuela. Hugo Chavez, their former dictator, was a populist, but not in a good way. He literally gave money away to those who didn't work. He could say stupid things to his people and they would believe him, like a claim he once made that capitalism killed all life on Mars. Still, this is but one of many examples in which a lack of information allowed the wrong men to have power. 

Sorry, man, I needed an example.
             Not only does it work against a corrupt government, but to be educated can help you prevent form getting scammed every second, for example, by people who sell you superstitions (Buy this shark bone powder and your bad luck will disappear!), so it's a good way to tackle a corrupt market. One can boycott those who are selling products that somehow go against your morality somehow (although sometimes, because companies can be experts at hiding information, it's pretty difficult).

Oh, of course, companies feed you illusion of choice.
Tough pill to swallow, huh?
            How about more personal reasons? When one's more intelligent then the rest, the others will notice, and trust me, you'll be respected for it as long as you don't turn into a self-entitled piece of crap. Also, it broadens your horizons, you turn into a more interesting person, you have more options for many things such as solving problems, work, etc., basically the more educated you are the more the world is your oyster. You can become one of those few who manage the world, and if, on top of being intelligent, you're wise, you can make the world a better place.

          Also, a note to the wise (which hopefully, would be each and every one of you readers), if your school, institution, etc., isn't demanding enough of you or your peers, demand that they demand more. Trust me, it's for your own good, and still, remember, hard work doesn't cut it, there has to be purpose behind that work. If not, the world would be run by janitors and gardeners.