Saturday, August 31, 2013

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Is Sasha Grey A Good DJ?

That geek is me, that girl in the back is Sasha gray, and that makes me FK%!N HAPPY!
          I had the pleasure of attending the Foam N' Glow Party, which was held in my hometown, and it was pretty awesome, I saw the sexy DJ Rhiannon, Chris Lake, Zyruz, but the attractive artist was the ex-pornstar Sasha Grey. She'd already been involved in music before, so I was interested to see if she would make a good DJ.

She rocked out this pretty cool hairstyle.
          She knew how to mix music, there were good beats and all, the songs were pretty decent, but I did have a couple of complaints. For one, she didn't interact much with the crowd, as in she would raise her hand every ten minutes or so and she never spoke , not once.

         Aside from that, the foam party was pretty well set up, but Zyruz and his brother were the ones who seemed the most involved, then Rhiannon. It was awesome to be able to see Sasha Grey up close, though, there's something to scratch off the bucket list. If she read this, I would just tell her to have a bit more of stage presence. 

Her carreer's taken a good turn, though. Kudos for you, Sasha, keep it up.