Saturday, August 24, 2013

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Movie Review: The Conjuring

        So, I just went to see what was presumably the scariest movie of the year, The Conjuring, which is based on some specific case the Warrens tackled which, so they say, was so heavy they didn't tell anybody about it in thirty years. So, this movie, directed by James Wan ,who incidentally also started with the Saw franchise a while ago, is supposed to be some heavy shit. Was it? Well, let me tell you about it.

I'll just leave this beautiful scenery here.
           I'd heard that some cinemas in the U.S. had to stop the film due to panic attacks suffered from people in the audience. Now, this movie's based on a "true story", so if you believe in some sort of god and ghosts and demons and the afterlife, then yes, it can be a little freaky.

Especially the demon part.
           If you don't believe in that sort of stuff then all right, at least it's a horror movie, you go on and see if it can give you some scares, all for shits and giggles. I'll have to tell you, if you've seen at least one or two horror movies before, then you've seen this movie before. And i'm not exaggerating.

          There are dark moments, silent moments, loud moments, the beds move, some kid appears in a mirror, there's a witch, it's like any other haunting movie, like a modern Poltergeist, and I'll be honest, it's one of the best horror movies I've seen in terms of stories and production and all, but I swear I can take my twelve year-old brother to see it and he'll come out psychologically unscathed.

I mean, that looks like my great aunt Tessie. Badly applied makeup, especially the lipstick.
         Still, the fact that this movie was so well-produced surprised me. And they did use some horror aspects that I'd either never seen or hadn't seen for a while, so of course, it was interesting. The story was good, too, but I knew that if I'd heard of it though listverse or something I would've passed it off as bullshit. How many "hauntings" haven't occured in the U.S. in the last hundred hears?

Typical haunting, deposited by a bull.
              Should you go see it in the movies? If you're not used to horror films, go ahead, it's a good starter, if you believe in gods and demons, then sure, why not? If you're a skeptic, though, you're not going to be as entertained, so it's really up to you. Still, if you go, then try to enjoy it, and leave the popcorn-holding to the man because a few girls dropped theirs around me.

As such.