Friday, August 2, 2013

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Why Critics Are Secretly Good

       A novel, song, program, movie, painting, drawing, play, sculpture, any art form you can think of, will always have a critic. Some will be more "good" to the artist than others, and yet, all of them will have something to say about that creation or piece of work that somebody produces. Many feel that they're entitled snobs because they can shred somebody's feelings with a few words. 

         Does that mean they're evil? No. If the critic can name you one single reason as to why your work isn't that perfect piece of art you intended it to be then they're already helping. Good or bad critiques are constructive, period, because from them, as from your mistakes, you learn. 

          How? Imagine the critic says something like: 

         "The story's characters lacked depth and the narrator did not describe the novel enough for people to be able to form a good image of the environment in which the action takes place."

        Excellent. Now you know that you need to work on your characters more. In what aspect? Who knows, but you can prevent that mistake again by either getting in touch with the critic and asking him or reading other novel so you can observe how a three-dimensional character is.

         Some, of course, can talk about the artist's style, but understand that one man's garbage is another man's treasure and as such, for example, a critic who loved Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln might not like the same actor in Gangs of New York

          What you have to remember is that it's never personal, unless you have a feud of sorts with the critic, which could happen at some point, but then again there will always be something worth improving that will be mentioned. If you are afraid of creating art because of the fear of being criticized, then get rid of that fear because without anybody who can judge your work you won't have a reliable mirror which can show you your faults, and if you don't know them, than you can't improve much.

Also if something of yours is ever famous and it gets criticized, you don't want to look like this.