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Why I Fear for Europe's Future

Today marks a new era for this blog, for a couple of reasons. The first one is that it's been a while since I've published anything here, the second one is that my style of living and writing has changed, therefore, I will probably write less frequent articles but will make sure that they're the best quality possible. Let's get started.

Three summers ago, I visited the lovely city of Heidelberg, Germany. It was there that I witnessed the greatest country in the world. Warm, sunny summer with fresh air, there were people from all around the world living in harmony, and in my time there I met, aside from Germans and other Europeans, people from Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, Israel, U.S.A., Japan, and a whole plethora of other countries. I was taken in by a man named Stefan, along with his girlfriend, now wife Sabrina, and it has been one of the best experiences of my life, and from them and their country I have learned a lot. He will also probably disagree or agree with my point of view and I will probably disagree or agree with his point of view but that will not affect my respect for him and hopefully not his respect for me.

In that time I was a leftist, but even three years ago, the left wasn't as they're known today. It was more moderate, but in recent years, I have gone through changes in my way of thinking. For this, there are various reasons, but I found that I had stopped identifying with the ideals the media, of which the majority is leftist, was pushing. 

The Left, Arab Spring, and the Religion of Peace


This goes from everything to praising mothers for the mere fact that they're single and downplaying the importance of the father in a home (Mine had left for a while, and although I stopped seeing him, it had a profound impact on me and my brother), believing that more taxation and more welfare is the answer, when in fact this drives prices upwards, causes a loss of well-being in society, and gets rid of incentive for competition, and other details that are important in everyday life. 

It was summer of 2012, and the last year there had been an interesting movement in the Arab countries, that one called the Arab Spring, where countries like Egypt, Lydia, and Syria began fighting their dictators. It was also the year that Occupy Wall Street occurred, basically, it was the year of the protestor. And I protested however I could, but at the same time, I tried to remind people that not all those in the one percent were actually evil greedy corporate owners, and were in fact people like Bill Gates, who through his charities is about to eradicate some strong diseases in Africa. Still, back to the Arab Spring. This is where I started seeing the regressive left for what it was, for many of them saw much in black and white.

There was one thing that dictators like Gaddafi and Assad were doing that was an unintended consequence of the Arab Spring, and that was preventing the massive exodus of Arabs into Europe which we are seeing nowadays. I must admit, it's an impressive movement of people, and last year, around 950,000 Arabs entered Germany. Sweden is also having issues, because they’re running out of housing for the immigrants. These two are probably the most affected countries by the enormous influx of people into their land.

Between the Spring and today there occurred a few things, such as an extremely tough economic crisis in Greece, which has caused even average housewives and students to become prostitutes for prices as cheap as a sandwich, or the staggering rate of unemployment in Spain, the lack of economic growth in Portugal and Italy, and, of course, the extremely low birthrate in Germany, lowest in the world, negative for native Germans. 

Another important thing that occurred is the current civil war in Syria which has so many factions and networks that I could not possibly take the time to describe it as a subsection of this article, but one of the factions is, indeed, quite important, and this is the Islamic State of the Levant, otherwise known as ISIL, or ISIS. 

ISIS itself has said a couple of years ago that they would lead the destruction of the west by infiltrating Europe with millions of Muslims with the purpose of outbreeding them and winning the numbers game. When Merkel announced open borders for any Syrian refugee, they saw an opportunity, and it is estimated that one out of twenty Arabs which entered Germany is in fact a jihadist, either with ISIS or by their own ideology. It is also known that most of the "refugees" (80%) are not in fact Syrian, but from neighboring countries, and that most of them are unaccompanied men with the intention of bringing their families. This means that the one million will probably be multiplied eventually, keep in mind that they will likely not have one wife and two children but three or four wives and a few children with each. 

Why is Germany doing this, though? Isn't it a risky move considering that they're the ones holding the EU from certain doom with the aid of France? Economically, it cannot be good, because they are importing a lot of unskilled workers which will inevitably drive wages down, as the supply of labor, especially unskilled, will be higher than demand. Also, it is a fact that many of the welfare recipients in Germany and the Nordic countries are, in fact, first or second generation immigrants, something that takes a huge toll on the economy. 

Where does the contradiction of the Regressive Left come from?

Let's not forget that these are Muslims coming from Arab countries, and while I cannot say that I hate any ethnic group just for their skin or where they come from, you have to admit that it’s pretty difficult to name any other religion which has caused as much terrorism, totalitarianism, censorship, sexism, or human rights violations as the Arab countries. There are few countries that will execute a person for not believing in their religion or breaking one of the rules from that religion that are not the Islamic countries, especially those that follow Sharia Law.


What perplexes me is that the left is now an avid supporter and apologist of the more violent Islamic cultures. Not liberals, true liberals believe in equal rights for all, democracy and freedom. These are what is denominated the “regressive left” (A term coined by a Muslim, by the way). They call critics bigots while at the same time treating countries like Syria and Bangladesh like they’re children, like they have no accountability. They preach to defend women’s’ rights while at the same time defending the most misogynist cultures in the world. They want to defend LGBT rights when those people would be executed in most of those countries. They say they defend freedom of speech but are quick to censor that which is considered unacceptable, such as the recent New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt. They say they want to be tolerant and allow mosques to be built on their land, but when will you be able to build a Protestant or Russian Orthodox Church in, say, Saudi Arabia? They say they want multicultural societies but the more “liberal” countries like Sweden are quick to criticize, and even hate, white people, just for the sake of being white, while at the same time exalting all that is foreign. I am not advocating xenophobia, but where’s the pride for your own country?

Oh, I know. Nationalism is seen as dangerous in Europe, of course. I never saw a German flag around, but I never actually saw Germans being hateful of Germany itself. There are some now that are speaking up, saying that it’s good that the Nazi descendants are unable to breed as quickly as foreigners so they can be bred out, and politicians themselves will openly insult their people. The Swedish politicians will call their own people White Supremacists while living in neighborhoods isolated from the Somali immigrants. Angela Merkel got in touch with Mark Zuckerberg to censor “Islamophobic bigots” and the police will jail those who speak openly against Islam.

Why don’t the men defend their land? This one’s pretty simple, and pretty sad, but the answer is that they don’t really have much to fight for. They have been demonized by the women and their country, and families have been more unstable lately than ever before. When a society exists, there is a constant power struggle between the family and the state, and in Europe, the state is winning. Why would you fight for a country if your genes will not survive there, or anywhere, in the long run? When you and your girlfriend or wife have a dog or cat instead of a child, you aren’t probably too inclined to fight for your land and will find it easier to leave. Europe is a special case, especially, because they mustn’t really fight anybody, just prevent the entry of radicals who are incompatible with their culture.

One common argument for the open borders policy currently taking place in Germany is that Islam is a religion of peace, therefore there should be nothing to fear. Of course, when the mayor of Cologne releases a behavior guideline for the women to avoid rape, instead of telling the refugees and second-generation immigrants who for some reason have not assimilated to European culture to follow the damn law, you have to question whether that’s the case. Keep in mind, there’s no Old and New testament to the Quran which separates the fundamentalist and liberal Muslims, and although most of the religious texts have depravity one way or another, you have to wonder how those who follow Islam, as some of the most devout to their religion, are compatible with more liberal civilizations when their book has passages on killing infidels, having slaves, how to treat your wife essentially as a slave as well, or their prophet who had sex with a nine year old.


Like I said, other texts have bad passages as well, such as the Bible which has a talking donkey, incest, and other wild situations. The difference between Christians and Muslims, though, is that I’ve never seen death threats by Christians to cartoonists for making fun of Jesus or other things, I’ve never seen Mormons murder for their prophet, the closest thing I’ve seen is Zionism, a modern colonial situation of which my eyes have been opened by a Palestinian professor I had in high school, one of the best I’ve had.

Does that mean I hate Islam? No, I embrace all cultures because from all of them there is something to learn. I support everyone’s right of freedom, free speech, even if I do not agree with their ideas, live wherever they want, but I don’t see rights as something that’s for granted. I see them as privilege. I saw drug dealers defended by the National Commission of Human Rights from being attacked by the army because they were underage, and this made me consider them unworthy of the right to be protected because they themselves had murdered. That’s the same way I see refugees, most of which aren’t even that, who go to Europe and rape or murder in the name of their religion. If they will act like invaders, they should be treated like invaders. Feminists ignored the rapes in Cologne and dismissed it as men being men, while fighting a nonexistent rape culture in colleges, at the same time that Europe is importing people that come from a true rape culture. Even the Imams are yelling at their people who are sent to Europe that they will outbreed the Europeans; that they will have more children and therefore conquer. The ones at school will beat up the native boys in groups, they increased the rape in Sweden to the point that politicians are not showing who is doing the rapist because “the facts are racists”. What the hell is going on?

I think that it’s very sad that a country like Germany, where one could be outside in the middle of the night, and not be in danger even in the bad neighborhoods, now have to take measures such as women changing their behavior to prevent rape, unsafe streets at night, hell, there will probably end up being Sharia zones like those in Great Britain. How the hell are there pedophile sex rings in Germany as well? How come one of the previously safest countries in the world has to look for weapons in the black market and hope they’re not caught by the police, or create their own vigilante groups, which are fought against by the police in greater numbers than the disruptive immigrants, when previously this was unthinkable?

I am afraid for Europe because this is not the way the greatest country in the world should be. I am afraid for Europe because the country which is holding the Union up is setting itself up for hardship in the long run. I am glad that there are countries like Hungary and Rumania who are not allowing themselves to be trampled over by the enormous masses of immigration. The true refugees, which is a quiet minority at this point, is given a bad image by another loud minority, and that saddens me deeply.

Ideas are powerful and if you will spread bad ideas, you should allow somebody to argue the alternatives, not censor them, not execute them, and definitely not dismiss them for being different in the name of “tolerance”. I am not a racist, I am not a bigot, I firmly believe in the idea that it is our duty to fight evil however we can, and right now, evil is manifesting itself as cultural genocide. I don’t know how far this article will make it, I don’t know if you, as a reader, will even make it to the end of it for being offended by what is, at most, a moderate stance on the situation, but if you get to this, and can do something about it, then go ahead. We’re citizens of the world, we have to fight for harmony to exist, but never at the expense of someone else.

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